ME! by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie

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By: Daniela Fernandez and Maddie Baggenstoss

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any new Taylor Swift music. The last new music we heard from her was from her Reputation album back in 2017.

Before the release of her new song, Taylor left many clues for fans to find. She posted 11 Instagram pictures all with the caption 4.26 which led many fans to think she would be releasing either a new album or single on that day. She then added a countdown on her website and Instagram story to mark the day all her fans were waiting for.

Then on April 26, 2019 she released her new song called “ME!” with Panic! At The Disco’s lead singer Brendon Urie. This song is very different from her Reputation album. It sounds very bright, cheerful, and peppy; as compared to the darker tone in her last album.

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The song was released with a music video which represents a new change in Taylor’s music. Click here to watch the music video. With the video released many fans have decoded it to find hidden messages and clues for what lies ahead. According to Time Magazine, one of the messages fans have discovered is a snake transforming into butterflies. This is clearly referencing her Reputation album, which had a few major themes including snakes. The snakes represented all of the people who ruined her reputation. The snake transforming into butterflies most likely represents Taylor herself leaving behind her past drama in favor of a more positive style of music. Then fans found a painting of the Dixie Chicks in the background possibly telling them there would be a collab soon. All of the clocks in the apartment seen were set to 8:30 which many fans think is when Taylor will be releasing new music; August 30th. There are many more clues and messages throughout the video. To read more about them click here.

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Swift and Urie performed their new hit song at this year’s Billboard Music Awards on May 1, 2019. According to CNN, their performance then sparked controversy because they were accused of copying Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance. In both performances marching bands and drum lines were used, and the lightning was also very similar. Some have pointed out these similarities while others believe it is just bad timing. Beyoncé fans are using the hashtag #mayochella to mock the fact that Swift copied the Coachella performance in May.

In response to these allegations, many fans have taken it upon themselves to point out the fact that this is not the first time a drum line or marching band was used in a performance according to CNN. Many pointed out that Prince used them at his iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2007, Gwen Stefani at the Teen Choice Awards in 2005, and Madonna in 2012 for her MDNA tour. Lastly, fans pointed out that Taylor Swift used a marching band in her “You Belong with Me” music video back in 2009.