The Urban Death Project

In London, there is a new idea on how to remember your loved ones. It is an eco friendly way to be remembered after death. This new method is called the Urban Death Project and it is on the rise in urban cities like Seattle and London.

The Urban Death Project is a way of recycling the dead by burying the bodies in soil and woodchips for a few weeks. According to the Urban Death Project team, it is a safe, eco friendly way of remembering the dead. The team also said, “The soil will only be used to nourish gardens and trees on site,” which answers a big question of whether or not the soil would be used to grow food. When they say “on site” they mean that there will be a half-public park/half-funeral home that you can go to and enjoy with your family.

This idea was started on Kickstarter, which everyone thought was a joke at first, but then later on realized that it was an actual thought out idea with plans. The Urban Death Project team also says that the process is open to all religions, and has set up space for prayers, gatherings, and mournings of all types. The team says they have also talked with various religious leaders, and have received confirmation that this way of burial is completely okay with them and their religions.

The Urban Death Project team has their own website: where they will answer questions and talk more in depth about their project. On the forums the team has created, is a question and answer section where they will answer any questions concerning the topic. If you have any questions that you would like to ask them, you can ask them on their webpage and click on the FAQ section.

Although this new idea is a good way for burial, and death, there is still controversy on where they would put these sites, or how many sites there would be, in one city or state.

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