Chemistry teachers

There are two Chemistry teachers at Highland; they are Allison Noah and Natalie Strauss. In an effort to get to know these teachers better, I first interviewed Ms. Noah, then Ms. Strauss.

Allison Noah has been teaching at Highland for about 5 years. Her favorite part about Highland is the students. What she doesn’t like so much is that in some rooms, the temperature is too hot, and in others, it’s too cold. Ms. Noah’s favorite part of teaching is getting to know her students well. Her least favorite part is doing all the extra paperwork that doesn’t involve teaching students.

How Ms. Noah became a Chemistry teacher is a long, but wonderful, story. She got her degree in criminal justice but did not use it much. Ms. Noah also led back country trips that were far from cities.

On the back country trips she led, Ms. Noah found that she taught, the youth she led, a lot. She taught people how to pack for a trip, methods to plan, and how to cook. Eventually, she realized that she loved the teaching part of her trips, so she decided to become a high school teacher.

Some of her hobbies are: cross country skiing, reading, mountain climbing, hikes, walks, and cooking. Ms. Noah doesn’t have any more plans for her future yet; she just wants to continue on teaching.

Our other Chemistry teacher is Natalie Strauss. Ms. Strauss has been teaching for 3 years now. Her favorite part of Highland is that there is a lot of diversity; no students are the same as another. What she doesn’t like so much, is watching the students be under a ton of pressure, especially when the students want to do well; it adds even more pressure onto them.

What Ms. Strauss enjoys about teaching is watching struggling students be able to understand the material, or to be able to get out of their struggles. What she doesn’t enjoy, so much, is having to do all the extra paperwork that isn’t related to how a student is learning.

Ms. Strauss actually went to college for Chemistry, but her plan was to be a physical therapist. Her parents were in the teaching field, and she realized she did not want to be in the same field as her parents. As she focused more in school, she came to the realization that she did not want to go to medical school and become a physical therapist. From then on, she started her year-long student program at Highland, and found that teaching worked well for her life-style.

Some of her hobbies include: swimming (coaches swimming as a job), reading, playing with her dog, hanging out with her husband, and camping. Like Ms. Noah, she doesn’t have any other plans for her future; she just wants to be able to teach at Highland.

These are our two Chemistry teachers at Highland. Hope you have learned something new about them.