A motivational Personal Project

This year, for Karla Alarcon’s personal project, she wanted to do something that could impact the entire school. She decided that she wanted to help people with their confidence, and make sure that they knew that they were not alone, so she started to post up small note cards all around the school that had motivational/positive words that could make anyone’s day a bit brighter.

“I wanted to influence people, to have people notice and make them feel good about themselves,” Karla said. During the time that the note cards were posted, she began to see many people start to follow in her lead; she began to see new note cards with even more motivational words on them. Her favorite part of the whole thing was to walk around and see people look at the notes and smile and get happy after reading them. People around her would talk about them and about how great they thought they were; she even saw them on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, ect.

Not only did this project help those around her, but it also helped her. Karla said that, “It helped me understand that there are people out there who sometimes do need some support, and it helped me realize that I should go out of just the school and try and help the rest of my community.”

She will continue to try and do everything she can to make sure that the people around her are shown love and support.

Karla loved the outcome of her project and she would love for it to continue; for people to support one another and make sure that everyone knew that they were loved and not alone.