Snow tubing

Being a senior is very fun. It has been a very relaxing year. I don’t have to worry about math or science anymore. I’ve never had to do anything in Study Hall. I thought my senior year was going to be my most stressful year, but it was the exact opposite.

Being a senior comes with many responsibilities, such as becoming an active citizen, but it also comes with many benefits. We have a lot more freedom than other grades, like being able to have late starts and early releases. Also, to reward us for making it this far, we have senior field trips.

The senior field trips are organized by the student council. Since the student council changes every year, this means the senior field trips change every year too. So far this year, there have been two trips, with another planned for spring.

The first field trip was in November. I had not paid much attention to the trip, ignoring the announcements, until about two days before the permission slip was due. I realized, “Hey, I get out of school, and there might be good snacks!” The first field trip was to a roller skating rink. I never liked roller skating; it just wasn’t my thing. So, basically, I just sat around eating junk food and looking at memes. It was fun, but none of my friends were there.

After the trip, I questioned my friends on why they weren’t there. I told them about the nice food, like giant soft pretzels and cheese curds. We agreed to do the next field trip. In fact, one of my friends constantly berated me, asking if I had turned in the permission slip and if I had the money.

Then, due to global warming and climate change, the trip was canceled due to lack of snow, as the second trip was snow tubing. We were disappointed, as that meant we had to go to school. But it was rescheduled, and we went.

Much like the first trip, I didn’t actually do the activity; I instead just hung out with my friends in the bar. We had soda, split a pizza, and joked around. I liked it. I got out of class, had some pizza, and played a few games, all in the company of my friends.

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