Did the middle schools prepare freshman for high school?

In an effort to find out whether the freshman were prepared for high school, we printed out 61 copies of a survey-like quiz to see if their middle school actually prepared them for high school or not. The survey asked about their middle school and if it ever prepared them for high school. It also asked a series of questions on math, English, history, and science to see how much they knew about those subjects. The questions were at an eighth grade level, so the students should have been able to answer them correctly if they had been properly prepared.

image1Out of the 61 people that completed the survey, the middle school they attended broke down accordingly: (* Stated that their school prepared them for high school)

25 Highland Park Middle School*
10 Capitol Hill*
7 Linwood Monroe*
5 Ramsey
2 Highland Catholic*
Vandenberg Middle School*
Holy Spirit*
Battle Creek Middle

Based on the students feedback, 7 out of the 9 schools prepared the middle schoolers for high school in different ways such as: supporting and helping them set goals to achieve in high school. For example some ways that prepared kids from Linwood Monroe was that “they taught us how to be organized, told us how to write notes neatly, and had us use Naviance.”

Some students had AVID which really went through the basics of how high school is and how to stay on top of everything. It also introduced them to Cornell note taking, and how to organize your supplies. AVID is a college ready class that prepares students from 7-12 grade, filling their minds with helpful information. They also go on college field trips, and do team building activities that helps them have an open mind, and helps them achieve their academic goals.

Based on the data that we collected from the surveys, it seems as though Capitol Hill and Highland Park Middle School gave students the best advice on how to be prepared for high school and to be committed to their work.


  1. Katie Sterns says:

    Great idea for an article! Would you mind posting (or emailing me) the survey that was used as well as the resulting data?

  2. Yes I will just as soon as I get home 😀

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