SPPS school start times

St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has been looking into whether or not they should change their current school start times.

According to spps.org, the official website of the school district, the leading recommendation made by SPPS leaders is for SPPS to keep their current starting times for 2016-2017. Although the leading recommendation is for start times to remain the same for 2016-2017, SPPS is hopeful to continue working with Metro Transit to find a solution. SPPS also presented the Board of Education with two alternative options for start times.

The alternative options would be to change the school start times, overlooking the downside such as the $2 million increase due to less efficient bus routes, and the changing of 90% of schools’ start times, including elementary schools, causing difficulties for many families and staff.

The second alternative is for SPPS to stop searching for possible ways to change start times, and remain with the current structure. SPPS contacted Metro Transit in a year-long process of research and analysis, along with conversing about a possible partnership between Metro Transit and SPPS.

The main advantage of the partnership between Metro Transit and SPPS, would be allowing the majority of elementary schools to keep their current start times, creating less of an impact on families, staff, transportation costs, and school programs.

Despite SPPS and Metro Transit’s efforts to find a solution to school start times, in mid-September Metro Transit contacted SPPS notifying them they did not have the capacity/resources to expand to more high schools. Metro Transit notified SPPS that their east metro garage does not have the space to house any more busses, and for Metro Transit to expand to additional high schools, it would require an estimate of 20 more busses.

For more detailed information about possible changes in school start times, please go to: http://www.spps.org/starttimes