The Rimers of Eldritch production

This season’s fall play is called, The Rimers of Eldritch by Lanford Wilson. The play is about a murder trial and the circumstances of it. The story is largely told in flashbacks and it is a serious production, unlike the many comedies the Thespian Society has performed in the past.

In an interview with Schlyer Jackson Fish (11), she says she’s most excited about the serious topics the play addresses including sexual assault. When asked, “If you could give one reason for everyone to come to the play, what would it be?” She replied, “You should come because it’s unlike anything we have ever done before. It’s an awesome and dramatic play that should be lot of fun to watch.”

Here is the cast lost for the production:

Robert Conklin         Roland Berg

Eva Jackson             Paige Bosler

Evelyn Jackson        Leah Kanihan

Nelly Windrod          Schlyer Jackson Fish

Mary Windrod          Sara Guneratne

Patsy Johnson         Josephine Johnson

Mavis Johnson         Isabelle Norby

Peck Johnson          Ben Jossi

Josh Johnson          Jasper Law

Lena Truitt               Kennedy McTeague

Wilma Atkins           Zoe Challenger

Skelly Mannor         Sydney Rodriguez

Preacher/Judge      Max Muter

Cora Groves           Charles Paredes

Walter                     Maddy Grady

A Trucker                Soren Eversoll

Townspeople          Riley Chase

                               Jackson Cross

                               Enzo Beduz

                               Kenji Callahan

                               Ben Smith

                               Leah Morley

                               Audrey Dahl

                               Clare Brownlee 

                               Maddie Becker

The Thespian Society has also recruited around 10 freshman this fall, and they feel they are all very talented and a good addition to the cast.

The Thespian Society is also now an independently funded organization and will be hosting fundraisers to earn money. We strongly encourage everyone to come out and watch the play!