Wondering about piercing shops?

Thinking about getting a new piercing soon? Holy Mackerel is the place to go. They have had the best feedback with barely any complaints other than to be pricey!

Verno, a piercer, is very understanding and clear about the piercing and after care instructions. Although this shop can get a bit pricey, compared to other shops, you always want your piercing to turn out looking great. It’s all worth it in the end. I have had great experience getting my navel and industrial pierced there.

Other great local shops would be Saint Sabrina’s, and Steady tattoo and piercings.

Also, whatever you do, I highly suggest you to not go to Almost Famous, located at the Mall of America. There are not too many good reviews from people that have had experience getting pierced here.

Samantha St. Clair, a former student here at Highland Park Senior High, has gotten her navel pierced at Almost Famous: they misplaced it and didn’t give her very direct cleaning instructions, and the piercing got infected within the first month and had to be taken out.

She later on went to Holy Mackerel to get it re-pierced once it healed. It turned out well, but there is still some scar tissue around the piercing where it got infected the first time.

So, be patient if needed, be safe, clean, and good luck! Also, remember you have to have a parent or guardian with you while getting pierced if you are under the age of 18.