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Hundreds of organizations deport thousands of students to virtually any country of thier choosing for weeks at a time to engulf them in the foreign traditions and cultures they would otherwise be partially ignorant to. Organizations such as AFS, Youth For Understanding, CIEE, and countless others send off high school students to their country of interest. Countries from Japan to the United Kingdom, and Australia to Ireland. Although we learn about foreign cultures in our human geography class or our language class, it’s not the same as being where the text book is depicting.

Studying abroad has caught the eye of thousands of students, specifically three times as many students since 1995. In the 2012-13 school year, as many as 289,408 students packed their bags to surround themselves in what they’ve only read in text books.

How did these almost 300,000 students get connected with programs abroad? With countless organizations and amazing reviews it couldn’t have been hard. One could simply type “exchange student organizations” and 37,400,000 results will appear in 0.32 seconds. And in just a few minutes you could exchange your social norms for a few weeks (or a school year) for an experience of a lifetime.