Welcome Freshman!

Heres a few tips from a senior who wishes she would have listened a little better. When becoming a freshman you have to become more independent and don’t always have someone holding your hand telling you to show up to school or do your homework and in that case you’re going to need to balance your activities with your homework, stay organized, and ask when needed. I know that because you don’t constantly have a teacher down your throat screaming at you to do your homework you might not seem so pressured to do it, but seriously staying home for an hour or two to finish up an essay or project before going out with friends will be well worth it on graduation day.

You should definitely balance your activities, job, hanging out with friends, and homework out. Always make sure you have time to get your assignments done before taking on more obstacles.

Also always ask for assignments or notes when you’re gone for a day, the teachers aren’t going to come up to you and tell you what you missed, you’re going to be expected to fend for yourself, stay in touch with what’s going on in all of your classes and buying a planner helps so much.

Doing all these things will create so much LESS stress as graduation comes up, and trust me it’s going to come fast. Barely making it is not worth being lazy or telling yourself you’ll have time later, get what you need to done and you’ll also appreciate your spare time so much more.

Good luck!

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