Senior send-off

Goodbye class of 2016!


photo taken from the Highland Senior Class Twitter

The last day for senior’s was on Friday, June 3rd, and that was also the day of the senior send-off. The send-off is for the whole school to recognize the graduating class and say our goodbye’s. The senior-send off assembly included, teachers and students giving their final words of advice for after high school, younger siblings saying goodbye to their senior siblings, a senior slideshow with pictures of the seniors throughout their time here at Highland, and finally the seniors leaving – walking down the middle of the gym hugging their teachers and tearing up saying their goodbyes.

The rest of the students watch the assembly for the seniors. Some get sad saying goodbye to their senior friends. I asked some juniors what they thought of the senior goodbye, considering that the juniors here at Highland are the ones who’ve been in high school the longest with the class of 2016.

Did you get sad at this year’s senior goodbye?

“Yes, I cried, not specifically for any seniors, just because of the scene and the music playing. It’s just sad,” answered Keshya Bailey-Phelps (11).

“It was sad, I didn’t cry though. I wasn’t too close to any of the seniors this year,” answered Gabriela Masiello (11).

“It was very sad, I cried because all of my best friends graduated and it’s sad to think that they’re not going to be here in school with me next year,” answered DJ Kahassai (11).

Did you think the senior send-off is a relevant assembly?

“Yes, of course! It’s very important because not all of us will see some of the seniors again so its important for us to say goodbye at the senior send-off,” answered Keshya Bailey-Phelps (11).

“Yeah, it is. It’s my favorite, yet least favorite assembly of the year. It’s the saddest one, but it’s the one that I actually care about and would be sad if I didn’t attend it,” answered Gabriela Masiello (11).

“Yeah, it’s important for the seniors to get their own separate assembly just for them so they know we all hope the best for them,” answered DJ Kahassai (11).

Congratulations to the graduating Highland Park class of 2016! Class of 2017, we’re next!

Beyonce concert


image taken from Startribune

Beyonce came to Minneapolis on Monday, May 23rd, to perform for the Formation World Tour at TCF Bank Stadium. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:00pm, but doors opened at 5:30pm. There was a delay though because of lightning and rain. The stadium was filled! Everyone had to evacuate TCF Stadium and go under nearby shelter. The thunderstorm didn’t stop the show though! Because of the delay, the go-ahead wasn’t announced until 9:00 pm.

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR PARKWOOD ENTERTAINMENT - Beyonce performs during the Formation World Tour at TCF Stadium on Monday, May 23, 2016, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Daniela Vesco/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR PARKWOOD ENTERTAINMENT – Beyonce performs during the Formation World Tour at TCF Stadium on Monday, May 23, 2016, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Daniela Vesco/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)

Beyonce put on a great concert. She sang a mixture of old songs that everyone could sing along to, and some of her newer songs from her album Lemonade. Wiz Khalifa and other popular artists opened up for her. She also did a Prince tribute, that had everyone there feeling a little emotional, she covered one of his songs and had the whole stage lit up with purple lights.

Her performance was said to be the most satisfying Twin Cities concert ever. This concert was said to be, fierce, personal, and satisfying. There were pictures of her daughter and husband, Jay Z, pictures of her as a child and a teenager throughout the show. The show gave everyone a look into her personal life and her personality. The concert lasted for about 2 hours, the show ended with fireworks, ended with her hit song “Halo” and she was dancing in water.

Keshya Bailey-Phelps (11) and many other Highland Park students attended the concert on Monday night.

“Was the concert worth the waiting?” I asked Keshya.

“Yes! It was a lot of fun and worth the price of her tickets too. It did suck having to leave my seats and having to wait during the evacuation when I was already waiting all day though,” she answered.

“Did you like the mixture of her old songs and her new songs?”

“Yes, because I know so many of her old songs and I still listen to them and enjoy them today,” she said.

“What was your favorite part of the concert?” was my next question.

“The finale. She sang her new song “Freedom” and she was dancing in a pool of water and it looked so cool,” was her answer.

Overall, the concert seemed like it was a lot of fun.




Prom 2016

Prom was on Friday, May 6th, at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. Not everyone went, so here’s pretty much how Prom 2016 turned out for those who were wondering about how everything went.


photo taken from the Highland Prom Dropbox

The doors opened at 7 o’clock, but a lot of prom attendees were all outside around Rice Park taking pictures before going into the Landmark Center. Around 8 o’clock the room was packed and the doors were closed. It wasn’t crowded, there was more than enough room. Against one wall there were beverages and snacks, towards the back of the room there were many tables for people to sit and stand around, there was also a photo booth – with funny accessories that were Gatsby themed, and in the middle of the room was the dance floor with a DJ on stage. Prom didn’t start to die down until around 10 o’clock.


photo taken from the Highland Prom Dropbox

I personally think that it was very fun and was worth the money my parents and I put into it. The overall night made it all well worth it. The venue was beautiful and really made me feel like I was somewhere fancy and important, and there was more than enough space. The music was good because there was a little bit of everything, so everyone at one point was dancing or singing along. The photo booth was a lot of fun, when people were just sitting around, instead of being bored they got up and went in line for the photo booth with their friends. I had a lot of fun, because my group and I didn’t leave until around 10:30, we weren’t ready to leave.

Aside from my own thoughts, I asked some people what they thought of Prom:

Did you think prom night was worth the money?
“I didn’t spend that much money, and I am glad I didn’t because I had a lot of fun and spending more money wouldn’t of made it any more fun.” Jocelyn Chavez (11)

“Yeah. It was a lot of fun and wasn’t too expensive for me.” Larissa Lopez (10)

“No, but it was a lot of fun and I personally didn’t spend a lot of money but for the people who did, I don’t think so.” Victor Minefee (11)

Did you have fun?
“Yes, so much fun. Dancing was a lot of fun.” Jocelyn Chavez (11)

“Yeah, it was fun.” Larissa Lopez (10)

“Yeah.” Victor Minefee (11)

What was your favorite part of the night?
“The music and dancing.” Jocelyn Chavez (11)

“Being with my friends and dancing.” Larissa Lopez (10)

“Being with my friends.” Victor Minefee (11)

For more pictures from prom night check out Highland’s twitter (@highlandprom_) and


Prom is right around the corner. People attending prom are posting their “promposals” all over social media. A promposal is a prom proposal, which typically includes a poster with a cheesy question asking one to prom, flowers, balloons, candy or a stuffed animal, and usually it’s a surprise. Promposals are a big thing for some highschoolers who are going to prom.FullSizeRender

The majority of promposal’s are a boy asking their date. I’ve heard many boys complaining about why can’t their date just ask them to prom with a poster. As girls are usually the ones who make a big deal over the prom proposal, it would make sense that they could be the ones doing the asking. I’ve also heard many prom attendees saying they don’t need a prom proposal, a simple text saying “Will you go to prom with me?” is enough.

So, is it okay for girls to prompose to their date? Yes! Who cares if the girl asks her date! Boys like surprises too and girls are very creative and more than capable of surprising and asking their date to prom in a cute, cheesy way. That’s just my opinion, but I also asked a couple of my friends “Is it okay for girls to prompose to their date?” Here’s what they said:

“Yes, it’s okay. If my date wasn’t going to prompose to me, I was going to ask him myself,” said Gabriela Masiello (11).

IMG_0454“Yeah, it’s okay but I wouldn’t do it, I would be scared of rejection. If I got asked, it would be better,” answered Jocelyn Chavez (11).

“Yeah, it’s not weird or anything. But not for me because then it would make me look mean for not asking my girlfriend,” said Dreem Kelly (11).

So, they agree, it’s okay for the girl to ask a boy to prom. Some girls just prefer to get asked to prom by a boy. And some boys like surprising their date.

Next. Do you need to have a promposal? No. Having a date, is enough for most people. Most people can go without posting pictures of a promposal on all their social medias. I asked some of my friends if they agree or disagree with me, that promposals are not necessary for prom.

“Well, I mean, if I wouldn’t of got asked I still would be going. So no it’s not necessary, it’s just something fun that goes along with prom,” said Gabriela Masiello (11).

“No, prom is still prom even if you didn’t get asked in a cute way. I think girls and boys just like promposals so they can post it on Twitter and Instagram to get their likes. I don’t think promposals are bad though,” said Jocelyn Chavez (11).

“No I don’t need to ask a girl to prom, or they don’t have to ask me. But if that’s what your date really wants you should to make them happy,” answered Dreem Kelly (11).

So, they agree with me, it’s not necessary. Promposals are something that goes along with prom these days and it’s exciting. But if it doesn’t happen, it’s okay, you’re not doing prom wrong.

Prom here at Highland is on Friday, May 6th. If you want to prompose, you better hurry and surprise your date!

To see more pictures of promposals of Highland Park students check out Highland’s prom twitter page (username @highlandprom_).

Nerf Wars

As you all might know, Nerf Wars has started here at Highland. Every year students organize it and it lasts for about a month. Some of you might not know what it is, so what does Nerf Wars consist of and how does it work?


“Thrill List – Top 10 best nerf guns”

Nerf Wars are very fun to play with friends and family. It is an activity using Nerf guns or other toy weapons. Nerf Wars include outdoor battles and shoot-outs, it can take place anywhere, any area with a good amount of space are good candidates. With a large range of participants, outdoor areas are great for Nerf War battles. Nerf guns are relatively safe and cheap.

Here at Highland, there’re about 30 teams, each team including 5 players on each team, and all grades can participate. It is not a school planned activity, usually a group of seniors set it up and are known as the commissioners. Everything takes place outside of school and is not associated with any SPPS extra curricular activities. The commissioners set up a bracket, the rankings are based off of how many seniors are on the team, athleticism, how many licensed drivers, and car access.


“Highland Nerf Wars Twitter”

Nerf Wars can be an entertaining event for people who are not playing as well. Teams and Highland Nerf Wars have set up twitter pages where you can interact with each other, read funny updates on teams wins and loses, and see photos people post about it.  Overall, Nerf Wars is an annual game that many enjoy participating in to end off the year with some fun.

Again, as previously mentioned, Nerf Wars are not a school sponsored event, and the school takes no responsibility for student conduct connected to Nerf Wars. Bring Nerf Wars to school at your own risk, as school discipline related to unacceptable behavior may apply.

When to plan for prom?

Prom here at Highland is in about 8 weeks, on Friday, May 6th, at the Landmark Center downtown St. Paul. This year the theme of our prom is “Great Gatsby.”

When’s the right time to look for your dress? Your tux? Find your date?

In my opinion, if you know you are going for sure then it’s definitely not too early to be planning for prom. If you aren’t sure if you’re going this year, then you still have a lot of time to make your plans, just make sure you have enough time; planning last minute is never a great idea and will most likely cause you to be stressed out because of so much you have to do in such a little amount of time.

urjKYSncjJ_Nude_Beaded_Halter_Ball_GownGirls, the sooner you get your dress, the more options you have when choosing your dress. It’s not too early to find your date either. It’s good if you know who you’re going with, so girls when you’re shopping for your dress who can try to accommodate the colors with your date’s preference as well.

Making hair appointments now would also be a great idea because around the time of prom your salon will most likely be getting packed with hair appointments.

If you’re wanting to get in better shape, or possibly tan for prom, it’s never too early to hit up the gym or tanning salon to get the best results for prom. Now that does mean you might change sizes, so if your plan is to lose/gain weight for prom maybe you’d prefer to wait it out a little longer to get sized for your dress.

UnknownBoys, you don’t have nearly as much to do as us girls. Getting a tux isn’t as hard as picking out a dress. Usually, teen boys who only wear a tux occasionally will rent their tux for prom.

Maybe, you would like to get in better shape for prom, it’s never too early to go to the gym. Of course then you could still pick out your style and colors of your tux, but sizing, you might grow or change sizes so maybe you would want to wait it out to get sized for your tux.

It’s not too early to ask a girl to go to prom with you. Girls that are already wanting to plan for prom now are probably worried about not having a date. You should try and plan out who you are wanting to go with, considering the boys usually ask girls.

I asked 5 boys and 5 girls if they think it’s too early to start planning for prom, and if so why is it too early in their opinion.

4 out of 5 of the boys said it’s too early. The one boy who said it’s not too early is the only one out of the 5 who has a set date already. The other 4 said it’s too early simply because prom is too far away and they don’t need to worry about it yet. They have more than enough time to get everything together that they need.

3 out of 5 girls said it is too early to plan for prom, but 2 out of those 3 said if they knew they were going for sure they would be planning this early, but they don’t have dates yet and don’t want to go as a single to prom this year. The other one said it’s too early because there’s plenty of time. They don’t think they need to start planning until a month or even a few weeks ahead of time, and “What if I get fatter or skinnier?” she said.

There are many pro’s and con’s on planning ahead for prom. You will have more than enough time to make sure your plans are set and ready, and you will have many more options if you plan now. Plus, if you get your prom tickets early, usually they go on sale the middle of April, your ticket will be cheaper.

If you plan now though, things might not go as planned as well, you might change sizes and have to get your dress hemmed or change sizes last minute, and your choice of style might change. Also, your date might not follow through and you might have to find a last minute date.

Basketball season coming to an end

The basketball season here at Highland is coming to an end for both girls and boys.  The boys last game was on February 19th at home against Washington, and the girls last game was a non-conference game on February 26th against Mounds Park Academy at Mounds Park Academy.

After the regular season is their section games, both teams play until they lose. The boys basketball team’s section games started on Wednesday, the 24th at home against Bloomington Kennedy, they got 1st seed in their 3AAA section. The boys won their first game is sections, however, they lost their next game on Saturday, the 27th against St.Thomas Academy. Unfortunately, this means their season is now over. The girls team however, is still alive and their first section game is on March 2nd, against Bloomington Kennedy at Bloomington Kennedy.

~b763118Overall, the boy’s varsity record was 15 wins-11 loses, conference record was 8 wins-4 loses. The boys were very close to winning conference this year, if they would’ve won their last game against Central, which was a very close game that went into overtime, they would’ve had a very high chance of being 1st in conference. Highland Park’s boys basketball was ranked 3rd in conference following Central, ranked 1st, and Johnson, ranked 2nd. The fan sections at the Johnson, Central, and Como games had great turnouts!

I asked some of the players a couple questions about their season.

“What was your best memory from this season?” I asked Khari Dennis (12):

“When we played Washington at home, it was senior night/parent night. All the senior’s started, I had a really good game that night and we won,” was his response.

My second question I asked was “What was your most proud moment from this season?” I asked Dreem Kelly (11):

“When I dunked at the Southwest game and we won,” was his answer.

“When I had a 4 point play in overtime against Johnson and I had the winning points. That was the first time in 7 years they lost in their home gym,” Michael Cornelious (12) responded.

~b345372The girl’s varsity overall record was 7 wins-17 loses, conference record was 4 wins-7 loses. The girls first home game against Central had a great turnout! Highland Park’s girls basketball was ranked 5th in conference, with Como ranked 1st and Harding at 2nd.

I asked some of the players the same questions I asked the boys.

Olyvia Mason (11) said her best memory from this season was “When I scored 17 points in the Johnson game.”

I asked Micheala Newman (11) “What was your most proud moment from this season and some of your best memories?”

“When our players worked as a team and with intensity during the SPA game, during which our youngest player played her best game,” she answered.

Both teams had a great season! Good luck at sections to both teams!

For more information, updated stats and games check out:,mn)/girls-basketball/home.htm,mn)/basketball/home.htm

Go Scots!




No more parking tickets during snow emergencies

Have you ever been confused where to park when the City of St. Paul calls a snow emergency? In this article I would like to inform you on helpful information about parking during the times we get a lot of snow. When the city of St. Paul calls a snow emergency due to too much snow, the city needs to plow all the side streets so that the streets are clear to drive on. There’re places you’re allowed to park during the night time and then during the day you’re allowed to park in the areas you weren’t allowed to park at night.

But how do you know where to park during the different times?

How do you know when there is a snow emergency?

Me, being a teenager, and a recently new licensed driver, I am not too aware of where I can and can’t park during snow emergencies. The last time there was a snow emergency, when I walked out to my car, the next morning, to come to school, there was a parking ticket waiting for me on my windshield.

You’re probably wondering why my parents didn’t notify me as to what side of my street to park on. They did tell me what side to park on, but they disagreed on what side was the night side and what side was the day side. I decided to listen to my dad and park on the side he told me to park on because he does work for the city of St. Paul and I thought he would know before my mom would. Turns out he was wrong, and it is going to cost $56.00 now to pay for the ticket.

Now I know which side to park on, and now I can prevent ever getting a parking ticket for such a simple thing. Because of what happened to me, I want to help all of you other licensed drivers, who aren’t too familiar with these parking policies, on making sure you don’t get a parking ticket like me.snowplowsignstpaul

Usually beginning at 9 p.m. on a snow emergency the plows start plowing the night side of the side streets. There’re signs on side streets that do tell which side is the night plow route, which means during the night (starting at 9 p.m.) you don’t park on that side and you’re allowed to park on the opposite side of the street.

By 8 a.m. the following morning all cars are expected to be moved to the opposite side of the street, otherwise they will be ticketed and towed.

On busier streets, you typically are not allowed to park on either side of the street. On streets like this there are signs that say “No parking anywhere during a snow emergency”.

If you do not see a sign, there is a phone number you can call to check and ask if your car is parked in an okay spot. If you do not have your car parked on the correct side of the street, you will be ticketed and possibly towed. If your car does not get towed the plowers will plow around your car which leaves your car buried beneath snow, and it’s a real big hassle on getting your car out.Harlow_1391631849_plow

 If you’re still not sure on where to park your car during snow emergencies there’re many resources you can use to find out and prevent yourself from getting a ticket. You can call 651-266-PLOW to know when there is a snow emergency, or you can text STPAUL SNOW to 468311 to receive text messages when there is a snow emergency in effect.

Online at is another resource to check when there is a snow emergency.

If you ever have any complaints on how the snow plowing was on your street you can submit any complaints to or by calling 651-266-9700.

Next time there is a snow emergency I will know where to park and I won’t get a parking ticket. Hopefully, I helped any of you new licensed drivers who also weren’t sure on where to, and where not to, park during a snow emergency! Here are some websites for more helpful information.

Thank You!