Prom 2016

Prom was on Friday, May 6th, at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. Not everyone went, so here’s pretty much how Prom 2016 turned out for those who were wondering about how everything went.


photo taken from the Highland Prom Dropbox

The doors opened at 7 o’clock, but a lot of prom attendees were all outside around Rice Park taking pictures before going into the Landmark Center. Around 8 o’clock the room was packed and the doors were closed. It wasn’t crowded, there was more than enough room. Against one wall there were beverages and snacks, towards the back of the room there were many tables for people to sit and stand around, there was also a photo booth – with funny accessories that were Gatsby themed, and in the middle of the room was the dance floor with a DJ on stage. Prom didn’t start to die down until around 10 o’clock.


photo taken from the Highland Prom Dropbox

I personally think that it was very fun and was worth the money my parents and I put into it. The overall night made it all well worth it. The venue was beautiful and really made me feel like I was somewhere fancy and important, and there was more than enough space. The music was good because there was a little bit of everything, so everyone at one point was dancing or singing along. The photo booth was a lot of fun, when people were just sitting around, instead of being bored they got up and went in line for the photo booth with their friends. I had a lot of fun, because my group and I didn’t leave until around 10:30, we weren’t ready to leave.

Aside from my own thoughts, I asked some people what they thought of Prom:

Did you think prom night was worth the money?
“I didn’t spend that much money, and I am glad I didn’t because I had a lot of fun and spending more money wouldn’t of made it any more fun.” Jocelyn Chavez (11)

“Yeah. It was a lot of fun and wasn’t too expensive for me.” Larissa Lopez (10)

“No, but it was a lot of fun and I personally didn’t spend a lot of money but for the people who did, I don’t think so.” Victor Minefee (11)

Did you have fun?
“Yes, so much fun. Dancing was a lot of fun.” Jocelyn Chavez (11)

“Yeah, it was fun.” Larissa Lopez (10)

“Yeah.” Victor Minefee (11)

What was your favorite part of the night?
“The music and dancing.” Jocelyn Chavez (11)

“Being with my friends and dancing.” Larissa Lopez (10)

“Being with my friends.” Victor Minefee (11)

For more pictures from prom night check out Highland’s twitter (@highlandprom_) and

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