BWCA summer 2023

By: Greta Johnson

Summer 2023 the Boundary Waters will be open to canoe, kayakers and backpackers once again. With over 1 million acres of federally protected land in the northeastern part of Minnesota and similar wilderness across the border in Canada. This year over 250,000 people visited the BWCA.

Many people have signed up for permits this summer. Most are “putting in” at an outfitter or an entry point and have planned trips through the wilderness for at least a couple days.

Planning is a very important part of a BWCA trip. If you’re
staying overnight you need food, a bear-bag or some kind of bear repellent to keep the food in, a tent (duh), and a way to filter your water which would be either a filtration system, iodine, or boiling your water.

You also need a mode of transport which could be on foot or in a canoe or kayak. Traveling through the BWCA can be very taxing on your body so you need to make sure to drink enough water and eat good and nutritious food. This will help with your energy levels and keep you going through the whole day.

Something else that is important to a successful BWCA trip is planning when you’re leaving and when you’re coming back, and then letting someone know. Since the woods can be a dangerous place if something happens to you and you don’t come back when you planned this person can let the authorities know.

Safety on the water is a vital part of a safe trip. If you’re choosing a canoe or kayak as your mode of transport then a life jacket and a paddle are two required parts of water travel.

You will also need sunscreen and bug repellent to stay safe from the sun and the bugs. Both are equally strong. And will bother you very much if you don’t do anything about it.

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