5 things to do when you’re bored in summer

By: Hannah Gliedman

Summer is one of the best times of the year. No school and all you have to worry about is hanging out with friends and not getting sunburnt. However, because summer is so long, not having things to do can make the time pass slowly and feel like you’re wasting the best time of the year. So here are 5 things to do when you’re bored and don’t know what to do in summer.

1. Make Friendship Bracelets
A very important summer staple is making friendship bracelets. These are extremely easy to make and have so much room to be creative. Whether you are making them by yourself, for your friend or with your friends they are always fun to make.

There are so many designs and tutorials, on friendship-bracelets.net or TikTok, out there to make very intricate and complicated, or cute and easy bracelets. With limitless colors and designs there is a chance you’re making a one of a kind design.

2. Beach Day
A super fun way to spend your day during the hot summer is at the beach. Find a lake or ocean and a group of friends to spend a day swimming, playing football or volleyball. Bringing a picnic could also be a fun way to pass the time while at the beach.

3. Bike Riding
One way to stay active and enjoy the warm weather during the summer is going on long bike rides. Especially in the Twin Cities there are many places, roads and trails, that provide beautiful scenery with just a little bit of biking. Whether you’re going for a leisurely ride to get some fresh air or on an intense ride for a workout, biking is a great way to mix the outdoors, hanging out with friends and getting in a great workout.

4. Backyard Campfire
Whether you have a fire pit in your backyard or go to a local park with pits, a campfire is such a fun way to pass the time with friends. Setting one up is easy and it’s a cute thing to do while just hanging out with friends.

5. Make a Scrapbook of Memories
One of the great parts about making summer memories is reminiscing on all the fun you had, and what better way to do this than to make a scrapbook. Fill it with a summer bucket list, pictures, quotes, stickers, and antidotes of good memories.

To find more ideas, look up summer scrapbook pages on Pinterest. If you want to splurge to make it extra special get a polaroid or disposable camera to get physical pictures with a vintage feel.

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