Biography of Steph Curry

By: Nagad Omar

4x NBA champion, Wardell Stephen Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors. But let’s look at before Curry became the man he is today.

Curry was born on March 14th, 1998 to parents Dell Curry and Sonya Curry in Akron, Ohio. Curry has 2 siblings, Seth Curry who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets and his sister Sydel Curry who used to play volleyball for Elon Phoenix.

Curry played basketball in High School at Charlotte Christian, in North Carolina. Curry was then recruited by coach Bob Mckillop to play at Davidson college where he attended from 2006-2009, where he averaged 21.5 PPG, 4.6 rebounds per game and 2.8 assists in his very first season.

Curry also led tiny Davidson college to the 2008 NCAA tournament where they played util the Elite 8.

In 2009 Curry was the 6th pick in the NBA draft; drafted by the Golden State Warriors. Curry made an almost immediate impact on the Warriors. He was named the team’s starting point guard and averaged 17.5 PPG in his first season.

Curry made the most threes in the league in the 2012-2013 season when he made 272 threes, and 261 in the 2013-2014 season where he also got his first All Star selection.

He was named MVP for the next 2 years and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2014-2015 season to give the Warriors their first title in 40 years. The Warriors then won the championship in the 2016-2017 season and won in the 2018-2019 season where he also played into his First-Team All NBA honors.

After breaking his hand in the 2019-2020 season the Warriors bounced back the following year to have a winning season.

The Warriors then won their most recent championship last season where they beat the Boston Celtics in a six game series.

Now, Curry is widely known as the best three pointer shooter in the history of the NBA and has set numerous records including shooting the most threes in NBA history at 7,929.

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Who I think gave the best Coachella performances

By: Mya Olson – Williams

Image taken from: Teen Vogue

Many are aware that 2 weekends ago was the first weekend of the popular music festival in California, Coachella. There are two weekends of this three day festival. The headliners are Bad Bunny, BlackPink, and Frank Ocean. Smaller artists that are also performing are Kali Uchis, Labrinth, TV Girl, and so many more.


Labrinth’s music is usually recognized from the show Euphoria. In his weekend one performance, he brought out the special guest, Billie Eilish to perform their newest collaboration.

On weekend two, he sang another two singles with special guest, Zendaya. During Labrinth’s shows, the crowds were loud and interactive. His stage setups were cool and unique. He sounded great live, overall giving an amazing performance.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is popular for collaborating with other artists like Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, and Dua Lipa. During his shows, he played lots of well known songs, had cool stage lighting, and a massive crowd with high energy. On weekend two, Calvin sang with Ellie Goulding. At one point, he made a tribute to the rapper Takeoff, who died in late 2022.


boygenius is a smaller band, featuring Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker. They recently released an album called ‘the record’. They sounded great together live, and you can tell everyone loved their music. boygenius had a really cool stage set up as well.

Overall, there were multiple amazing shows and performances this year, and these were my personal favorites. Coachella 2023 seemed like a great time, and I hope next year is the same.

Best places to eat in St. Paul

By: Lauren Kottke & Ella Sutherland

St. Paul has some great restaurants and places to eat. Here are some of our favorites!

One of our favorite places is The Nook. The Nook is a family owned business located on Hamline Ave. We love this place because it has great food, atmosphere and fun activities. The burger is great, and we would definitely recommend getting it from here. They are best known for their Juicy Lucy Burger.

It’s also a great place to bring your kids and family. Downstairs they have a bowling alley connected to another part of the restaurant. You can go bowling for a very cheap price and then grab some great food all right there.

Another great thing about this place is the wall they have downstairs in the bowling alley. The Nook is known for their great burgers, but also their money wall. In the bowling alley restaurant, they have the walls and ceilings filled with $1 bills decorated. You can decorate a $1 bill and then put it anywhere on the wall!

Another great place we recommend is French Meadow. French Meadow is another amazing restaurant close by, it’s located on Grand Ave. We have been there many times and we have always had a good experience. They have great food and service. Our favorites are the soups, salads and fries. They also have a very good chicken wrap during lunch.

If you go there, you must check out the deserts! They have different types of brownies, pastries and cakes. Our go-to is the caramel brownie. Although this place is very different from The Nook, it is still a great place to visit!

The family restaurant DeGidio’s has been around since 1933. They are known for their amazing Italian food, but they also do have some great American food, like burgers. Our favorites are the Chicken Parmesan and the Lasagna. They also are known for their bread that they give out. It’s fluffy bread with seasoned butter. Definitely one of our favorites!

Every experience we have had there, has been a great one. Another thing that makes this place so special is the service. Anytime we have been there it has been busy, but never a long wait. The workers make sure you don’t wait too long for a table. And they always make sure you have a good time!

Sakana is one of our favorite places to go out to eat. It has such a wide range of sushi. There are so many different kinds of sushi you can get, whether that be having raw fish, cooked fish, or no fish. The atmosphere is great with trendy music playing as well as excellent service. The prices are very reasonable and affordable.

You may also sit at the bar where they have TVs and they serve drinks. There is also a place where you can sit and watch the chef make the sushi right in front of you. They have great appetizers as well as great soups. This place is overall just great!

The last restaurant we recommend is Punch Pizza. This restaurant has a few locations that are scattered around Minnesota, but there is one located right on Grand Ave. They have so many different kinds of authentic Neapolitan pizza that are cooked with a 900 degree wood-burning oven.

The restaurant itself has such a lively atmosphere and it is always overflowing with customers. They have amazing side salads as well, that are quite filling. This is a great place to go with friends and family!

These are just a few of the places that Saint Paul has to offer, and our favorites!

Jupiter: A world more than its size

By: Trump Vang

Looking at the night sky many objects shine brightly. The moon is easily the brightest out of these objects, followed by Venus and then Jupiter. Despite it being much farther away than most other visible objects, Jupiter still shines brightly due to its size.

Jupiter is known as a gas giant. This term refers to worlds that are mainly composed of gasses and other substances. These types of planets won’t have a solid surface, rather showing a mix of clouds and atmospheric storms.

A day on the planet lasts around 9 hours, being the fastest out of any object in our solar system. Although its year is much longer at a whopping 12 Earth years. In relation to Earth’s calendar system, it’s like having roughly 10,450 days within a year.

It stands as the biggest, largest and most massive planet within our solar system. In past times, humans named the planets after certain aspects they held; Jupiter was named after the king of the Roman gods due to its enormous size. Although, the planet has much more to show than just its mass.

Its appearance shows a multitude of colors in band-like layers created from its clouds. Although its most distinct aspect is a storm known as the ‘Big Red Spot’ on its ‘surface’. Unlike storms on Earth, the ‘Big Red Spot’ is more permanent, having lasted over 300 years. Its furousity doesn’t stop there, as its size is also unmatched, being nearly three times as big as the Earth in its entirety.

The planet also contains a strange relationship with the Earth. Earth has always been under attack by asteroids, or large space rocks. Often an asteroid may pass close to Earth, but as of this moment, it has been a long time since we’ve had a collision with them. One of the main reasons for this is Jupiter’s influence on them.

Image taken from: Image taken from

Without the planet, the existence of life could have never had a chance through the abundant asteroid collisions. So how does Jupiter affect the paths of these asteroids? Due to its large size, Jupiter is able to disrupt the orbits of asteroids, sending them out into far space, far away from the reaches of Earth. Through this, our planet was given the time to grow and produce life, bringing us to where we are today.

Jupiter is an interesting world with many quirks and aspects, from its storms to its presence and influence on other celestial objects. Taking a look at the massive planet, it stands as not only the giant in our solar system, but a world full of colors and gasses orbiting through space.

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