Russia accidentally bombs its own city

By: Jasmine Williams

On Thursday, April 20, one of Russia’s fighter jets accidentally bombed a Russian city called Belgorod near Ukraine’s border, according to Russia’s military. According to ‘The Washington Post’, there were three injuries and a big hole in the street. There was damage to several cars, and apartments were shattered, and the walls were destroyed. Residents had to leave local hotels due to there being several damaged buildings.

The state television wanted to excitedly share the news of damage being done by the Russian military. Apparently, the blast was so strong that an idle car flew onto a one story building’s roof, says a local media report. The vehicle had been removed from the roof last Friday morning.

The bombing of Belgorod demonstrated the impact on Russians and their homes that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, attempted to stop; but failed. Putin had wanted his invasion to be a swift and victorious operation leading to the capture of Kyiv. But it became tedious and there seems to be no end. Experts in the military said that the weapon seemed to be fixed to a hindered explosion after the effect that had permitted it to reach underground systems.

According to Western intelligence and Russian military documents, the weapon has not been identified and we get an insight of why it happened. “It would all have been fine except for the chosen flight path over the city, which at night glows like a huge lantern and it’s impossible not to see it.” Additionally it added, “You can’t make mistakes like that. This should never ever happen again.”

At least I hope they didn’t say that last time it happened last October. A jet crashed in southern Russia’s border, directly into an apartment in Yeysk. The crash killed twelve people and more while still in their homes. Other Russian planes had caused destruction in their country prior to this incident.

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