Nike’s rise in the basketball industry and how it can rise even further

By: Musab Mohamud

Brief Overview: 

Nike’s basketball line is a wildly successful and popular part of Nike’s global brand. With world-famous athletes such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving being the face of their brand, Nike was destined to succeed in the basketball world.

Nike has not always been the leader of the basketball shoe industry, however, that changed when they began to focus on marketing through athletes, actors, and influencers of the time. 

Due to the lack of social media, these were the best ways to introduce their shoes, athletic or lifestyle apparel, and other products to the masses. Nike always found success in marketing physically and generally being an iconic brand, however, they continue to pass up a golden opportunity in social media marketing.

Rarely do you see Nike ads for their basketball products, the exception seems to be 3rd party reseller apps that advertise their own stock. Apps such as StockX, GOAT, and Stadium Goods have blown up by advertising on social media; their ads are prominent on apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Nike, while formerly miles ahead of its competitors in the aspect of basketball products; they are coming under the risk of being caught by competitors like Adidas and Puma. These two brands share the idea of signing glamorous young athletes, letting them promote themselves on their own social media platforms, and reaping the benefits. Adidas and Puma followed the Nike route to success by letting their signature athletes design their own shoes, thus making the shoe more desirable and marketable.

Nike fails to release new lines and market them on social media, which renders them vulnerable to the rising popularity of their direct competitors. Nike could solve their issues by allowing more creative freedom for their young superstars; this could convince more prospects to sign with them, and more shoe sales, which would ultimately lead to more consumer satisfaction.

Target Market and its importance. 

A target market will not be difficult to find for a Nike basketball shoe. With such a widely watched and played sport, many people of different backgrounds can enjoy a wide range of Nike products. People who value performance shoes should be the main target audience, with their insistence on progress, Nike can always create new lines of shoes and further sales.

Nike continues to enjoy success at the top of the basketball shoe industry, however, their underutilization of social media could boost their competition past them. If Nike targets young people who are prominent on apps such as Instagram and YouTube, they could potentially secure them, along with their followers as customers. Nike would massively boost sales if they promoted their basketball shoes not only in their stores and on their website, but also on social media apps for impressionable, young, and trendy teens.

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