Types of cookies

By: Christina C

There are many different types of cookies, but I’m going to talk about why these are my favorite and why I think they are good.

My top 5 different types of cookies are: the basic chocolate chip, molasses, white chocolate macadamia nut, red velvet, salted caramel, and Oreo cheesecake.

Regular chocolate chip cookies were an accidental invention. In 1930 Ruth Graves Wakefield, ran out of baker’s chocolate and substituted it for a piece of Nestle semi sweet chocolate. I love these because they are a classic and you can never go wrong with a simple chocolate chip cookie.

Molasses are just like gingerbread cookies, and sometimes molasses is sweeter in the middle or made with sugar and molasses. They can come soft, cake form, or chewy.

White chocolate macadamia nuts are my go to when I don’t see any regular chocolate chip cookies. White chocolate chips and macadamia nuts just go together.

I feel red velvet cookies are just as good as a piece of red velvet cake, but just in cookie form and taste so much better when warm. There’s no way I can really describe them but just know that they are really good. They are kind of like chocolate chip cookies except its red velvet with white chocolate chips.

Salted caramel cookies are really good especially if you like cookies and caramel. It’s a mix of sweet, salty, and chewy. The one time I had a salted caramel cookie was at Crumble Cookies and it was pretty good to me; definitely would recommend.

Oreo cheesecake is a soft and chewy cookie filled with Oreos. These cookies can be served chilled or warm. I only had them once, and it was warm, and was very good. I love Oreo stuff like the regular cookies, Oreo ice cream, and Oreo cheesecake, so this cookie is a 10/10 for me because I like Oreo.

Overall, my favorite out of these six choices are the Oreo ones because I love Oreo flavored things, and I love cookies, so that’s my two favorite things.

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