Ag Day

By: Carla Tizcareno

On Friday, May 27th, Highland Park Senior High hosted Agriculture Day. The weather was lovely but the sun was strong. There was a nice breeze too.

At the event there were so many stands, like a spot where you could make a tiny flower bouquet and many different stands to learn about nature and wildlife.

Even our lovely club Union Latina had a stand with different Latino snacks and drinks. They had chicharrones, bags of chips, and Valentina and lime to add to the snacks. They were also playing some great music on a loudspeaker.

There was also a mini petting zoo with chickens, a lamb, three snakes, two horses, and lots of adorable dogs. One of the horses was wearing a cute little unicorn horn. At one point, one of the chickens escaped, but thankfully they got it back in the cage. The snakes were circling around on peoples shoulders and passing them around to the high schoolers, it was really cool. The lamb was really calm and super friendly to everyone. The dogs were very well behaved and so lovely.

There were lots of students running the stands and telling lots of info about their nature topic.

We also welcomed the middle schoolers and elementary schoolers to join for a bit to see all of the cool sites. Some of the high school students were helping keep track of the younger kids. I had a lot of fun and I ended up going with almost all of my classes. Ultimately, the whole event was a lot of fun and I think many people really enjoyed it.

If you are interested in participating in Ag day in the future, Ms. Wedger is the teacher in charge. She helps manage the students organize the event and planning took place in her Ag leadership class.

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