How therapy animals can be helpful?

By: Christina Cyrus

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Therapy animals can be helpful in many different ways, like helping reduce stress, and they can lower your anxiety. Also, having a therapy animal can also provide an escape or a happy distraction.

A therapy animal can help give people a certain type of comfort. A lot of people get a therapy animal to help cope with their depression and stress levels, also others might get a therapy animal to help them get over a loss or help them grieve the right way.

Animal-assisted therapy can help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue in people with a range of health problems. Some examples of where you might see this is, children that have dental problems, people recovering and receiving cancer treatments, people with dementia, and a lot more other ways.

Having interaction with a friendly pet can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can help reduce high blood pressure and can overall help improve your cardiovascular health.

As well as that, having somebody there for you gives you a comforting effect, which can help improve your overall psychological state of mind.

Although there are people who have service animals, which are most of the time dogs, service dogs are trained to help their owners with specific health problems; for example: fainting, seizures, randomly passing out, being unstable, etc.

Having a service animal does come with a con; some places don’t allow animals. In order to have them in a place that doesn’t allow animals you have to get a doctor’s note basically saying you are allowed to have one due to the need that you have. Also, some places might make you pay a fee.

Another thing about having an emotional support dog is that you have to have a vest for them saying “emotional support” in order to bring them into places.

The overall view of having a therapy animal (emotional support animal) can be very good for an individual, and I completely recommend getting one if you suffer from any of these problems.

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