5 best rides at Valleyfair

By: Jessica Garcia Saligan & Marleen Medina

#1 Wild Thing

Image taken from: https://rcdb.com/137.htm

The number one best ride at Valleyfair is the Wild Thing. The Wild Thing is the fattest and tallest roller coaster in the park. This ride begins slowly at first, and it will make its way up to 200+ feet, and it will give you a spectacular view of the whole park. As soon as you reach the top of the initial hill there will be a slight pause and before you know it you will be flying downhill going over 70 miles per hour. When the ride is about to end, you will enter a dark tunnel then go over one small hill and that’s when your picture will be taken. This ride is 2 minutes and 48 seconds long.

Image taken from: https://www.google.com/url?
h5d3OFfU&ust=16500794 89771000&source=images&cd

#2 Power Tower

The Power Tower is the 2nd best ride in Valleyfair. The ride is a vertical line, and it will make your stomach feel like it’s turning throughout the ride. The Power Tower is a fast ride. It goes up to 50mph and its height is around 276′ and its height restriction is 4’4. This ride isn’t like any other ride; it starts fast right as you launch it. This ride takes 45 seconds and you need to be 48’’ to ride.

#3 Renegade

The third best ride at Valleyfair will have to be Renegade. Renegade is a ride that is built with wood, and 2 riders per row. It matters because it helps the ride make a sharper turn. Renegade is about 97.5ft tall at its highest. Woden rides are louder than other rides. This ride takes 2 minutes and 24 seconds. To be able to build this wooden roller coaster, it cost $6,500,000.

#4 Steel Venom

The fourth best ride at Valleyfair is Steel Venom. Steel Venom is a ride that is a Usain Bolt and made out of metal. The ride is shaped like a snake. At the top of the “U” there’s a twist that is enough to feel like a full twist as you reverse backwards downhill. All the riders will be immediately launched forward and accelerate 70 miles an hour, in less than 4 seconds. Steel Venom is 185ft’ tall, and it’s a 1 minute ride.

#5 Corkscrew

The fifth best ride at Valleyfair is the Corkscrew. This ride is the first roller coaster to have a vertical loop and a double corkscrew with a 360 degrees loop, and it’s also the only ride at Valleyfair that has inversions. The Corkscrew’s height is 85’ with a top speed of 50mph. It’s a 1 minute and 30 second ride.

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