Helping Ukraine

By: Carla Tizcareno

With all the commotion going on with Russia and Ukraine, there are lots of questions going around. It’s hard to watch such a major and damaging event unfold from afar, but there are many ways that you, or someone you know, can help.

Donations are an easy and accessible way to help Ukraine during this difficult time. Donating money or resources is an extremely helpful and important thing. The thing is, after or during major events such as this one, many scammers take advantage of it to get money. It’s important to always check the source of the donations, or where they are going. Always do your research before you give and if you can, you should report any suspicious activity with donating sites.

UNICEF is a great example of a trustworthy organization that you can donate to. It was made almost 70 years ago. Their mission is to aid children around the world with health, education, safe and clean water, and even HIV prevention. They now have a specific spot to donate to Ukraine. Here is the link to their Ukraine donation site:

There is also UNHCR, which is an organization that focuses on helping people find refuge during dangerous events, like a war. On their website, there are multiple spots that lead to donating to Ukraine. Here is the link for their website:

The International Committee of the Red Cross is a great spot to donate as well. They are trying to send help and assistance to war victims, or victims of other situations of violence. They are a Switzerland based organization that is also aiding the people in Afghanistan.

There are many other organizations that can help as well. These are just some of the examples of great resources for donating to help the cause. Below are some others that are good too:

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