Sports schedule for: Apr 25-30

4:00pm / 4:00pmV: 3:15pm / 5:30pmTennis vs. HumboldtV: Humboldt High School JV: HOME
4:00pm Badminton vs. CentralHOME
4:30pm / 4:30pm Varsity/JV Baseball vs. JohnsonV: HOME JV: Phalen Fields
4:00pm2:45pmSoftball vs. HardingHarding High School
4:00pm2:45pm / 5:30pmBadminton vs. Edina and BurnsvilleBurnsville High School
5:00pm / 6:30pm Girls Lacrosse vs. Columbia HeightsCentral High School
1:00pm Boys Varsity Golf TournamentComo Golf Course
1:30pm12:00pm / 5:00pmGirls Varsity Golf 9-Hole TournamentOneka GC
3:30pm Boys JV Golf MatchHighland Nine
4:00pm / 4:00pmV: 3:15pm / 5:30pmTennis vs. JohnsonV: Eastview Park JV: HOME
4:00pm Boys / Girls Track and Field Meet vs.  Como / East Ridge / HardingHOME
4:30pm Softball vs. MPLS WashburnHOME
4:30pm / 4:30pm Varsity/JV Baseball vs. JohnsonV: Arlington and Arkwright JV: HOME
5:30pm / 7:00pm Boys Lacrosse vs. BlakeCentral High School
1:00pm Boys Varsity Golf 9-Hole TournamentPhalen Golf Course
3:30pm Girls JV Golf MatchCedarholm Golf Course
4:00pm Badminton vs. Eden PrairieHOME
4:30pm / 4:30pm  Varsity/C Baseball vs. KennedyV: HOME C: Kennedy High School
5:30pm Girls JV Lacrosse vs.  Southwest ChristianSouthwest Christian
4:00pm Badminton vs. Como ParkHOME
3:30pm / 3:30pmV: 3:15pm / 5:30pmTennis vs. Cretin-Derham HallV: CDH JV: HOME
4:30pm / 4:30pm 4:30pm Baseball vs. Harding  V/C: HOME JV: Harding High School
5:30pm / 7:00pm Boys Lacrosse vs. DenfeldCentral High School
6:30pm5:00pm / 8:00pmSoftball vs. DeLaSalleJane Sage Cowles Stadium
10:30am / 12:30pm9:30am / 3:30pmTennis Triangular vs. Park and Two RiversPark High School
10:00am / 12:00pm Softball Tournament vs. St. Agnes and MPLS SouthwestHOME
11:00am / 11:00am 1:00pm Baseball vs. SimleySimley High School
12:00pm / 1:30pm Girls Lacrosse vs. Duluth EastDuluth East High School

What’s a quinceañera?

By: Jessica Garcia Saligan

Quinceañera is a tradition in Mexican and Southern European culture. It’s when a young lady, that is about to turn 15 years old, throws a big party to mark her passage from girlhood to womanhood.

While planning a quinceañera you need to start planning a year ahead to have everything ready on time. In the quince, the young lady gets to practice a performance. There are two performances; they do the first one to start off, and it is the Val’s. Val’s is a dance where you get to dance with your chambelanes. It is a way to start the party.

Right when they finish doing the Val’s they go on and do the surprise dance, in the surprise dance you will get to pick how many songs you want. A surprise dance is where you can show off your moves and dance the night away. It’s also a way you can bring people to the dance floor. Having a quinceañera is a way to create good memories with your loved ones, especially your family. It’s a memory you want to keep forever with you.

During these events a quinceañera is a very important, and one of the most beautiful moments, a young girl could, experience. Here are some traditions that occur during this special day.

The first is accessories and gowns. A puffy dress that she will have to choose on her own, along with her first pair of high heels, as well as a crown that either her parents or godparents have to buy her.

Also, you will get copas and a doll or a stuffed animal wearing the same dress as the quinceañera.

While dancing the val’s people will come in one by one and put the heels on the quinceañera. The heels represent your “first pair of heels” right after that you will get a crown. The crown means that you’re the princess of this special night. You will have a “mini you” come in and give you a doll or a stuffed teddy bear dressed as you. Back in the day, they would only use a doll but now most young girls are choosing a stuffed animal.

Then, there’s one more thing, there’s the ultimo regalo which means “the last present”. It’s the last present you will receive as a young lady. Right after you’re done with everything, you will get your copas, there’s either 16-18 copas, your quince court, your family, and your godparents. They get to go up with you and they make a toast to everyone including the quinceañera. Once everyone had made their toast, it is the young lady’s turn to make a toast and thank everyone for coming to her special day.

How can tragedies affect students’ mental health?

By: Grace Blumer-Lamotte

According to Oxford Languages, tragedies are classified as “An event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe”.

During the past couple of years there have been many tragedies. Here are a couple of them: the murder of George Floyd, the Ukraine war, and the pandemic. These are only some of the many tragedies that have happened. 

Each tragedy affects everyone differently. 

When George Floyd died, many people from around the world were outraged. They began to protest for the “Black Lives Matter Movement.”

When the pandemic hit, most people’s mental health had plummeted. They were unable to see their friends or family.

Another couple of tragedies that can greatly impact people, especially students and staff, are school shootings and drunk driving accidents. 

School shootings are unfortunately common in the United States. According to Sandy Hook Promise, “The U.S. has had 1,316 school shootings since 1970 and these numbers are increasing. 18% of school shootings have taken place since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.”

There are students that are interviewed on the news around the topic of school shootings. You can hear the fear and ache inside their voice. If you want to watch some interviews check out this website:

I interviewed one student from each grade here at Highland Park Senior High. 

I asked them these questions:

  • Do you know of any world wide events that have affected you or your family?
  • If they did affect you, how did it affect you?
  • How did it affect your mental health?

The freshman responded, “The pandemic affected me directly. My step mother was pregnant during the pandemic so at one point we had to live with my mom for a whole month. School was really affected during it, it hurt my grades. It affected my mental health by not being able to socialize and not having my 8th grade year. It also affected my grades again.”

The sophomore responded, “There haven’t exactly been any big tragedies in my life. I could say the pandemic. It affected my mental health poorly by being isolated from my friends and family.”

The junior responded, “The pandemic and the murder of George Floyd really affected me and my family. The pandemic affected me by making my mental health just plummet. During the whole ‘prime time’ of the pandemic my mental health was horrible. I wasn’t even getting out of bed. The murder of George Floyd made me realize that the police system is corrupt and needs to be revised. People should not be getting murdered, primarily the black community, because it was a ‘mistake’ from the police officer. Or they were trying to ‘protect themselves because they saw the person as a threat.’”

The senior responded, “The pandemic has affected my mental health a lot because I was stuck in a house for so long. Also, I couldn’t see my friends or hangout with anybody and started feeling very lonely.”

Netflix shows to watch

Netflix has a wide variety of movies, TV-shows, documentaries, anime, and Netflix Originals. Here are some of my favorites that I recommend you watch: 

  1. ‘Bridgerton’- This series is created by Chris Van Dusen. The first season of the show follows Daphne Bridgerton, the daughter of the most powerful Bridgerton family. She makes her debut in front of the Queen of London hoping to find a marriage partner. The second season follows Lord Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest and the Viscount of the family who sets out to find a suitable wife.


  1. ‘Ginny and Georgia’ – This is a Netflix Original about a family of three: Ginny, Georgia, and Austin Miller who move to a new town. Georgia is the mother of Ginny, who she had when she was a teenager, and then she had Austin a couple of years later. The series follows the secrets Georgia keeps, and how Ginny and Austin struggle to adjust to moving into a new town and school 


  1. ‘Dynasty’ – This show is about Fallon Carrington, a rich businesswoman who is hoping to take over her father’s company as COO. But instead of a promotion, she was surprised with a new stepmother, who works at her father’s company, and who her father gave the COO promotion to.


  1. ‘All American’ – The show is inspired by a true story of NFL Super Bowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger. The show is about a young high school football player named Spencer James, from Crenshaw, whose dreams are to play in the NFL. He got offered the opportunity of a lifetime by a Beverly Hill’s coach to come to play for him, and he will help him get to the NFL and become an All American.


  1. ‘One Day at a Time’ – This show follows a Cuban family of a divorced military mom, her teenage daughter, and son, and their Grandma living  in the same house battling their daily life. This is one of the network shows that got cancelled and then then picked up by Netflix. It is now cancelled by Netflix though too.