Misconceptions about Islam (by a Muslim who knows)

By: Mohamed Ahmed

After 9/11

Studies show that eighty percent of all news coverage about Islam is negatively. After September 11th, Muslims around the world were affected. Muslims were terrified to even leave their apartments to get food or other things. National Muslim organizations advised Muslims to stay in their houses, not to congregate, and to stay in well lit areas. Going to the mosque was not recommended. Muslims were targeted and beaten in the street. Mosques were firebombed, and even people who appeared to be Muslim were beaten to death.

The Muslim community was viewed as a tumor. And with a tumor there are only two options: keep it under supervision or remove it. 

Radicals and Mosques

A common misconception about Islam is that all non-Muslims must be killed by Muslims. In fact, Muslims are unable to kill because it is strictly taboo. In fact, unless you are 100 percent sure the assailant is going to kill you, or someone you love, you are going to pay for killing. It is one of the highest order sins. 

Police chiefs and anti-terrorism specialists say that people do not become radicalized at mosques. They become radicalized in front of computers in their basements or bedrooms. People are targeted when they are not connected to their communities or their families. They’re unstable and vulnerable. Then they are brainwashed by the radicals. 

Islamophobia and how it affects and spikes 

A study in ‘Neurostudies’ shows that when subjects were exposed to negative news about Islam, and try to instill fear, they become more accepting of attacks on Muslim countries and restrictions on Muslim rights.

Anti-Muslim sentiment spiked during the election cycles, and the run-up, to the Iran war. This proves that Islamophobia isn’t a direct response to terrorist attacks. It can be a tool of public manipulation and isn’t tied to American deaths or suffering.   

Muslims are not a tumor, but a vital organ. Muslims are business men, and women. They are engineers and part of the military. They are doctors, and teachers, and more. Muslims make a difference, and deserve better than to be beaten in the streets, murdered, or hated. 

Image taken from: https://www.ted.com/talks/dalia_mogahed_what_it_s_like_to_be_muslim_in_america?language=en

For more information, please visit this TED Talk:


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