Why it’s important for the young to vote

By: Jihan Ali

When the idea of voting is mentioned to young adults, they push it off or avoid voting because they either don’t understand the voting process or they aren’t educated in politics. Many people don’t understand the impact of voting and how it can affect who becomes president. It is important for young adults to learn the voting process and why it is important to vote.

Voting is having a say on who, or what, you want, and it is usually a choice to the people. In the U.S., adults are given the option to vote, and it is strongly recommended to people.

You may wonder why you see so many flyers and advertisements around you. This year is an important year to vote because the president is being chosen so the media is encouraging young adults to vote.

Many people are trying to convince young adults because they want Trump out of office. According to Wells and Goods, Trump won in the swing states by less than one percent. This shows that your vote matters even if you think it doesn’t because of the population.

According to Dr. Cobb, your vote has power and it gives you the right to choose who you want as your president. Voting is an opportunity that many people should do because American citizens have the right to have their opinion on who we want as president.

If you’re underage, you may be wondering what you can do. You should first learn about how voting works by doing research or asking your parents. You can also volunteer at a polling place, if safe, to help others and know how it works on election day. You can also voice your opinions by talking to peers or reaching out to people of age so that they can vote.

Make sure you vote if you can on Tuesday November 3rd.

Image taken from: https://wkow.com/2020/08/20/upcoming-wisconsin-voting-deadlines/

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