Toxic relationships

By: Zakianna Johnson 

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You never really know when you’re in a toxic relationship, and for females, it’s harder for us to understand and realize how toxic a lover can be. When it comes to teenagers there are a lot of toxic relationships going on. Cheating, lying, stabbing in the back and more, and for people with depression, it hurts worse. But not even just relationships, friendships can also be toxic. 

Nowadays, there aren’t really many people that you can trust which makes it difficult to form a relationship or friendship. From my experience as a teenager, it makes it hard to have a girlfriend or boyfriend simply because the people that you think love you can just be there to use you. This makes it hurt so bad because you really think that they’re there for you when they’re just there for themselves.

It puts people in pain when someone is just there to use you for what they can get, and not for what they can give. If you’re going to get into a relationship you can’t make that person feel bad about themselves. You’re supposed to be the person that they can run to when they need to escape. You’re supposed to make their problems go away.

You can’t find a love like that nowadays; people are just out to use a person for what that person has. It’s not about love anymore, it’s about what I can get from this person. What can they give me? Or provide me with? How can I make it seem like I’m here for support when I’m just here to get what I want? Most of the time these types of people are insecure and non-dependable.

Which goes to the relationship becoming toxic and once the relationship gets toxic you can either stay in a toxic place, or release yourself from it. It’s better to release yourself from it, staying in it can make a person go crazy. Trust issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and abuse are all symptoms of a toxic relationship. No person should ever have to go through that. 

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