Online school

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Recently, it was announced that Minnesota schools will be finishing out the 2019-2020 school year online. This means we will all be checking Schoology until June 9, doing various assignments, discussions, and tests for every class. Here are a couple of positive and negative things about the distance learning program.

One of the main benefits of doing online school is having flexibility for whatever tasks, and things that need to be done, while in quarantine. Instead of having one class after another in a timely manner at the school building, during online learning you can decide to eat lunch or walk your dog in between classes because it isn’t as structured as normal school.

Along with that, school most likely does not take you seven hours per day, as it normally would. Hopefully, this leaves everyone with more free time to go outside, relax for a little bit, or get other things done.

In addition to those benefits, another positive thing is that you do not have to do classes in the order of what your normal school day was like at school. This means you can choose to start with an easier class to just warm up your brain, or get harder assignments done earlier so that you can take on small, maybe even fun, assignments at the end.

But when there are positives, there are usually also negatives.

One of these cons is that it is harder to stay motivated and on task. Unlike at school, there are many more distractions and challenges you may face at home including: pets, electronics, and even the nice weather outside. This means that there is more responsibility on you to check Schoology often and to make sure work gets done and turned in on time.

Another negative effect of online school is that the internet and technology is the foundation of distance learning. The program is heavily reliant on the internet and using devices, such as your school iPad, to be checking and sending in responses and assignments daily.

Not only that, but when school is done online, you don’t have friends sitting next to you as they normally would in some classes, maybe making it lonelier, and even harder for some people.

What to look forward to on Disney+

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It’s been six months since Disney+ launched, and it already has 50 million paid subscribers worldwide.

Already offered in fourteen different countries, Disney+ is still expanding to different places around the world. According to Kevin Mayer, the chairman of Walt Disney Direct to Consumer and International, they are expanding to Western Europe, across Latin America, and to Japan this year.

Even though COVID-19 has stopped production of their TV shows, we still have a loose outline of the shows and movies coming out on Disney+ in the next year.

The dates of Mulan, Black Widow, Jungle Cruise, Soul, and Artemis Fowl were all pushed back, but are hoped to be seen in theaters and Disney+ by the end of the year.

Besides movies, they also have many TV series for all ages like: High School Musical: The Musical, The Series; Diary of a Future President; and Timmy Failure. 

On the Marvel side of everything, Disney has many shows coming out in 2020-21. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is coming out sometime in August and a WandaVision releasedate has yet to be given, but it’s said to be coming out this year.

Next year, Disney will be coming out with the Loki mini series, Hawkeye, Moonknight, Ms.Marvel, She Hulk, and Marvel’s What if…… These are all TV series adding to Phase 4 of the MCU.

Besides Marvel content, Disney has also been working on Star Wars content. With the release of Disney+, they released the first season of The Mandalorian, which will be coming out with a second season in October 2020.

They have also have in the works, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor solo shows that will be coming out next year.

Recently they have come out with the last season of The Clones Wars which just ended.

To keep up with everything new on Disney+, you can follow Disney on YouTube, where they put out a monthly video telling you what’s coming out.