The positive side of COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has definitely been difficult for a lot of people. Not only because of the constant fear of contracting it, but also due to the staying at home and not seeing friends or family. Even though times may seem very grim, there are still upsides to this virus that not as many people talk about. 

The biggest positive of the pandemic is the lowering of emissions. This is caused by less people going to work in factories. This lowering of emissions is very positive and proves that it is possible to cut emissions. Although this lowering of emissions may not be sustainable long term because it gives a lot of people jobs, it still shows that it’s possible to lower the emissions. 

Another positive to COVID-19 is how much happier pets are. Many dogs and cats are stuck at home while their owners are at work or school, or just out of the house. These pets need attention and most good owners give their pets as much attention as possible, but when owners are at home pets get so much more attention than normal. Dogs and cats all thrive when they get more attention so having their owners around is good for them. One issue with this is extra attention these dogs and cats are getting is that when owners go back to work and leave them at home again they could get stressed out and be more unhappy when they don’t get the extra attention.

The final positive is the positivity in communities around the world. Around the world people are coming together to celebrate health care workers for doing what they do. People are doing favors for their neighbors, who may not be able to leave their house, and wearing masks and taking proper precautions for people who are at higher risk.

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