Things to do during quarantine

By: Linda Tellez-Ruiz

Quarantine can be very stressful and very boring. Although you may have a lot of time on your hands, no one‘s quite sure what to do with all that time. You and your family might be tempted to go out to a park, or do something outdoors, but you just don’t want to risk it.

Well, I have a lot of family friendly ideas to pass the time.

The first thing that’s fun, and also kind of expensive, but is totally worth it, is to get an inflatable pool. It doesn’t even have to be new; they’re basically sold everywhere and they’re probably only maybe $100. If you invested in one it would last you way longer than just quarantine so you could be using it for the summer, and just for family fun whenever you want.

Another thing that would be fun for the whole family is a big 1000 piece puzzle. They are very time consuming but also very fun. You can get them online for a couple of bucks.

Something you can do as a family is binge watch a TV show and also prepare to watch that show by cooking a family dessert. It’s a fun and tasty activity for the whole family.

Now, something that I like to do, that’s not really hard, but it takes a lot of time and dedication, is if you have a pet take the time and try to teach it some cool new tricks. I’ve done this and I’ve taught my dog how to roll over. It’s very easy, and very cute, and fun, just put on a tutorial on YouTube and follow the instructions.

Coronavirus in Mexico

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By: Heidy Ramirez

There are top 10,000 corona virus cases in Mexico. Latin America’s second biggest outbreak. There have been 970 deaths because of the coronavirus and Mexico is entering “phase 3.” Mexico does not really have hospitals that can help them all at the same time and if they do, Mexicans do not really trust it to be the top best thing.

It’s worse for Mexicans for the corona to be out there, because everyone is always out and around people. The Mexico metropolitan area is home to more than 20 million people so for the corona to be there, it will expand more than in most countries and states.

They do not have as many hospitals or doctors and nurses to help with the coronavirus stuff as Americans and other people do. They are also telling elderly people to stay indoors, even if they work, for their safety.

Most Mexicans are saying they don’t deserve what they have coming but they deserve moral support and help from other countries. Many doctors and nurses have to take more shifts because of how many people have the virus there and not many people that can help treat it.

There is at least around 1 million Mexicans trying to cross the border to get some good help
because they don’t really have much in Mexico. The government of Mexico did not give the
announcement to stay at home until April even though as I write this, we’re waiting to see
what the government and president has to say about all of this.

The system of health will be overloaded faster than other countries. Mexico had about 65 tests per million inhabitants (2,250 per million in the United States).

The National AIDS council of Mexico said that people who are testing are doing better than
other countries. Not everything will be solved when you take the test. There are going to be
more things you have to do so it’s better to be clear from it.

A virus never really goes away so in conclusion no one will ever be clear from it and in Mexico it’s probably worse to be because everyone’s always together like they’re one big family. The numbers started on March 18 which was 25 deaths and on April 22 there were 970 deaths because of the Coronavirus.

What are the things that nurses in Mexico are doing? They are avoiding wearing masks to avoid
sowing panic and two doctors and one hospital administrator have died. Also, there were at least
51 staff members that have been infected by corona.

Some Mexicans are attacking the doctors and the nurses with bleach and burning them and a lot more things because they’re scared of the coronavirus. There have been a lot of attacks since the corona virus started. There have been a lot of threats of who might be sick and who will try to do anything to get rid of the sickness. Mexico is just trying to be clear from it just as everyone else is having to do whatever they need to.

Teenagers and sleep

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It is common knowledge that sleep is important. A good-night’s rest can enable the body to repair and be ready for a new day. Sleep can even prevent excess weight gain, heart disease, and increased illness duration. 

Sleep is especially important for teenagers. Sleep helps fuel the brain and body. Teens need more sleep because their minds and bodies are growing quickly. According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, teenagers need about 9 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep.

However, teenagers do not get even close to enough sleep. 

One reason is a shift in sleep schedule. After puberty, there is a biological shift in a teen’s internal clock of about 2 hours. For example, a teenager that used to fall asleep at 9:00pm will now not be able to fall asleep until 11:00pm. It also means waking up 2 hours later in the morning. Another reason is early high school start times. Some schools start as early as 7:00am, meaning some teens need to get up as early as 5:00am to get ready for school. Another reason is other social and school obligations. Teens have homework, sports, after-school activities, and socializing through social media often lead to late bedtimes.

As a result, most teens are sleep deprived. 

A lack of sleep can affect mood, behavior, cognitive ability, academic performance, and for those that rive, drowsy driving. Sleep deprivation will influence teens to be moody, irritable, and cranky. It also increases the likelihood of them engaging in high-risk behaviors (like drinking, smoking, driving fast, etc.). Inadequate sleep will also result in problems with attention, memory, decision making, reaction time, and creativity. A lack of sleep can also result in poor grades. When driving, a lack of sleep increases the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. 

Well, how can teens get more sleep without sacrificing anything?

One way teens can get more sleep is by maintaining a sleep schedule. Choosing a bedtime and a time to wake up can help teens get enough sleep. Maintaining a sleep schedule also applies to weekends. Oversleeping on weekends can make going back to school on Monday incredibly difficult. Early afternoon naps are another way to get more sleep. Even 15-20 minutes of sleep after school can make an incredible difference. And as hard as it is, turning off screens before going to bed can make falling asleep easier as well.