Things to do during quarantine

By: Linda Tellez-Ruiz

Quarantine can be very stressful and very boring. Although you may have a lot of time on your hands, no one‘s quite sure what to do with all that time. You and your family might be tempted to go out to a park, or do something outdoors, but you just don’t want to risk it.

Well, I have a lot of family friendly ideas to pass the time.

The first thing that’s fun, and also kind of expensive, but is totally worth it, is to get an inflatable pool. It doesn’t even have to be new; they’re basically sold everywhere and they’re probably only maybe $100. If you invested in one it would last you way longer than just quarantine so you could be using it for the summer, and just for family fun whenever you want.

Another thing that would be fun for the whole family is a big 1000 piece puzzle. They are very time consuming but also very fun. You can get them online for a couple of bucks.

Something you can do as a family is binge watch a TV show and also prepare to watch that show by cooking a family dessert. It’s a fun and tasty activity for the whole family.

Now, something that I like to do, that’s not really hard, but it takes a lot of time and dedication, is if you have a pet take the time and try to teach it some cool new tricks. I’ve done this and I’ve taught my dog how to roll over. It’s very easy, and very cute, and fun, just put on a tutorial on YouTube and follow the instructions.

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