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How to create less waste

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Climate change and global warming are hot topics right now–and while many people are concerned about where our environment is going, not many people have taken action to assist in a healthy change. According to, in the USA alone, we emit 5,414 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into our environment every year. Because of this, says that currently 11% of earth’s population, or 800 million people, are at risk to exposure to extreme climate change effects, such as droughts, heat waves, and rise in sea level.

If we don’t combat climate change and global warming effectively, these effects will grow worse and affect more people. A lot of people think that going to a message board or writing a letter to the president will help with climate change, and although that could assist in making a change in our global environment, there are other ways to aid in conserving our environment. One simple thing you can do is create less trash. Here are multiple ways you can cut down on your waste production:

  • Straws! Eliminating or lessening one use plastic straws has been very popular. Starbucks produced a drink lid that prevents the use of a straw, and many restaurants support the “ask for a straw to get a straw” idea. To make sure you aren’t using plastic straws, ask for any drinks at restaurants without plastic straws. You can also purchase a glass, metal, or silicone reusable straws. If this is too much of a change, opt for a recyclable paper straw. You can visit for more information on one use plastic straws and their effect on the environment.
  • Buy in bulk! Buying in bulk eliminates the wasteful plastic packaging our food comes in. If you use reusable glass jars or burlap bags, the amount of plastic you use when buying ingredients will be lessened. In some cases, buying in bulk can even be cheaper. However, don’t use the grocery store plastic bags to buy your bulk food–as this eliminates the reason for buying in bulk!
  • Opt for fresh produce instead of plastic wrapped produce! Similar to buying in bulk, buying fresh produce that hasn’t been packaged in plastic will cut down your waste production. The reason you should cut down on plastic in particular is because plastic takes forever to break down! On top of that, only a small percentage of plastic is actually recyclable.
  • Get a reusable water bottle! Although that plastic water bottle might have been a good last minute purchase, it puts even more plastic into our environment. In the long run, a reusable water bottle will not only prevent waste, but save you money over time.
  • Carpool! Cars emit millions of magnitudes of carbon monoxide, which unlike carbon dioxide, is colorless, odorless and extremely poisonous. Cut down the carbon monoxide
  • Reduce Plastic! Bring your own boxes and containers when in need of a container. Avoid the styrofoam to-go containers or the plastic shopping bags. Reuse containers for storing leftovers or shopping in bulk. When getting juice try to get fruits and freshly squeeze them yourself to avoid the plastic packaging most drinks have. Make your own cleaning products that will be less toxic and eliminate the need for multiple plastic bottles of cleaner. Pack your lunch in reusable containers and bags. Also, opt for fresh fruits and veggies and bulk items instead of products that come in single serving cups. Avoid buying frozen foods because their packaging is mostly plastic. Even those that appear to be cardboard are coated in a thin layer of plastic. Plus you’ll be eating fewer processed foods! For more tips, go to you’ll be surprised about the gum one!
  • Compost! Although “composting” seems like a big scary word, it can actually be pretty simple. The ultimate idea of composting is to recycle food waste in your home. You can even dump all of your compost at a public compost bin in the parking lot across from the Patagonia store. For more information, go to for more information.

These are only a few things we can do to help preserve our environment. Some other small things you can do are: turn off lights when you’re not using them, avoid putting any trash in outdoor drains, reduce food waste by serving only what you need to eat, and avoid buying single-use products. Although many of the things we need to do to conserve the environment may seem challenging and extensive at first, we still need to learn to do them. Without taking these measures, you are encouraging pollution to continue to occur. Let’s treat the earth the way we want it for future generations!

How to give good presentations

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Presentations are an unavoidable part of high school. Whether you enjoy giving them, or find them the worst assignment on earth, you probably want a good grade on them. Here are some ways to make your presentations better:

Making the presentation:

  1. Frame your story: Make sure you’re including every side to your story before presenting our ideas or facts. It’s nice for the viewer to understand all sides of a topic before you move on to our specific idea. This is the research portion of the assignment.
  2. Plan your delivery: how will you deliver this presentation? Will it be bold and direct, as if you’re trying to persuade someone, or is it just stating the facts, in which you should try to refrain from just listing.
  3. Choose your multimedia: what platform will you use to deliver your presentation? You can choose a documentary, slides, etc. Make it colorful and entertaining to grab the attention of the audience.
  4. Put it together: practice your speaker notes, and make the final edits and cuts. If you had all your research on a Google Doc spend this last portion of time transferring it to a more entertaining presentation source and finish making it look like you want it to.

During the presentation:

  • Speaker Notes: Organize the PowerPoint/information in an order that makes sense. If you are presenting a topic that many people are unfamiliar with, this is key. The audience most likely does not have as deep an understanding on the topic, so formatting will best prevent confusion and know what you will say before hand to avoid confusion.
  • Background. If you are presenting a complicated topic, adding a slide with background, or speaking about this extra information, will help your audience gain better understanding. Even if this isn’t required by a rubric, it is important and could assist in getting an “A.”
  • At the end of the presentation, review information. By reviewing the information you spoke about at the end of the presentation, you give the audience members a chance to ask questions and reflect. This also frames the bigger picture of your topic.
  • Ask if there are any questions, and be prepared to answer them. This means you may need to do extra research on your topic in order to ensure you can answer these questions. Asking for questions assists the audience in getting the most out of your presentation.
  • Add images. Incorporating visual aids into your presentation will bring it together and add another perspective of the topic. Not all audience members respond to listening or reading.
  • Speak up. Projecting and enunciating while speaking makes your presentation more engaging. Nobody wants to watch a student mumbling words off of a notecard!
  • Incorporate the audience. Ask questions or play a quick game with the audience to keep them engaged. This brings your presentation to another level. The teacher grading your presentation is often impressed if you are able to teach the class.
  • Don’t chew gum/eat. Although this often goes unspoken, it’s important not to be eating a snack, chewing gum, or drinking from a water bottle during your presentation. This lowers the professionality of your presentation and can get annoying.
  • Don’t read directly off of a notecard or iPad. This is not as engaging to the audience and does not display your knowledge on the topic well. Instead, use a notecard/iPad as a quick reminder of what you will say. A good way to prevent the temptation to read off of a notecard/iPad is to only include bullet points. This way, you are forced to elaborate on the topic.

Hopefully, by following these simple instructions you are able to put together a wonderful presentation!

Nothing can beat nerves but it only means you care. Now you have done everything you can to prepare and you’ll nail the presentation so good luck!

Snow day activites

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Snow days can get pretty bleak, so to keep you entertained, here are some thing you can do on a snow day:

  • Cook a special meal: The perfect way to show your family appreciation and enjoy a delicious meal you can spend all the time in the world to perfect.
  • Eat in the dining room and/or with fancy dishes: After you’re done, you still might have some extra time on your hands, so why not make the table look extra fancy to surprise your family, or simply enjoy the extravagance yourself.
  • Watch a favorite movie(s)/show(s): I mean let’s face it, do you really want to get up during snow day? It’s your one day to relax and sleep in and eat all the junk food in the world. So just put your favorite show(s) or movie(s) on! The extra s’s are because you’re most likely not going to stop when you start… but hey! It’s our day to relax!
  • Order in dinner: Maybe you don’t want to do all that and you’re on to the more relaxed vibe the snow day is sending you, then kick up your feet, get out you’re device, and order away while you binge watch your favorite show for the entire day #noregrets.
  • Make hot chocolate: If you’re relaxing, the perfect drink to keep you warm and feeling that oh so good fuzzy feeling inside, is some hot chocolate. The recipe we recommend is quite simple, just click on this lick for the perfect hot chocolate.
  • Build a pillow fort: Now, you’re relaxation has reached the max, movies, food, hot chocolate, what could you be missing! A fort! Make a cuddle place for you to eat, drink hot coco, and watch your favorite movie to reach ultimate comfort
  • Play in the snow: Now the white stuff outside looks so soft and you think it would be perfect to roll around in, so head on out! Explore the wonders of your front and back yard. And though it very cold and we recommend ultimate caution at all time, you could probably see many bodies of water sculpted beautifully because of the weather, but stay safe!
  • Make snow angels: If you’re going outside, a fun activity to try would be creating snow angles. You could make snow forts and make other creative creations. We know you’re in high school, but you’re never too old to play in the snow.
  • Make snowballs to freeze: Once you’re done with your daily dose of Minnesota winter, you can head on back home but don’t forget to bring some snowballs. Store them in your freezer for a surprise attack that is sure to startle people in summer!
  • Cut snowflakes from paper: Now you’re done with snow, but the snow’s not done with you! Create some paper snowflakes and though we’re sure people know how to do it, here a tutorial just in case: Paper Snowflake Tutorial. Have fun, be creative, and be careful if you’re using an exacto knife.
  • Bake cookies: Now if hot chocolate didn’t do the trick, then fresh baked cookies definitely will! The oozing chocolate (or other topping, but let’s be honest, chocolate’s the best!) and warm dough with a melt in your mouth, slip down your throat, kind of flavor. I know my mouth watered when writing this!
  • Check on/visit neighbors: Make sure your neighbors are O.K. and if they’re struggling or stuck, well that’s one way to make their day. Bring over your baked cookies, or other food that everyone enjoys, I’m sure they’ll be super grateful.
  • Shovel together: Now this may seem hard, but when doing it with family or seeing your neighbors while doing it, it might make shoveling a bit easier. Sometimes, people are out of town, old, or hurt so they can’t shovel. Help them out and shovel their driveways; everyone will be grateful.
  • Light the fireplace: Make a warm fire to sit by as you watch the cold snow from the inside. The bitter cold washes away as you stay inside your warm home* with no regrets.
  • Play a family game: Gather your family around and play fun games, I’m sure everyone wants to relax after their long day of shoveling and cleaning with a fun game by the fireplace.

Another note to make is that some school districts, like SPPS, have debated using iPads on unexpected breaks like the snow days to have “online school” or using Schoology to do school for a day. This however hasn’t been enacted because the mandatory snow day work could be overly stressful since all teachers would possibly be assigning work at once (though some districts have decided to do this anyway).

*Many people who are homeless cannot find suitable places to stay during the extreme weather. if you are out and see someone, please make sure to lend a hand.

Katelyn Ohashi – The perfect 10 gymnast

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Katelyn Ohashi is used to performing under pressure. But she admits that the level of attention she has received recently has felt “really different.”
The 21-year-old gymnast took the internet by storm after a video of her “perfect 10” floor routine went viral.

While her routine was perfect, her tumbling passes were stunningly challenging, and one of them had such a high degree of difficulty that her team “had to resubmit it because it wasn’t in the code of points” for the judges, the 21-year-old said on Good Morning America.

Her coach at UCLA, Valorie Kondos Field, added about the pass, “It’s ridiculously hard. I don’t know another female gymnast in the country that does it — in the world that does it.”

It was the fourth time in her career she received perfect 10 in the event, and she finished the 2018 season ranked No. 1 in the country in floor exercise and was the NCAA floor exercise co-champion, according to UCLA.

The clip of Katelyn perfectly executing seemingly gravity-defying flips and sassy dance moves has been viewed more than 60 million times, and made headlines around the world.

But what is it like to be at the centre of this whirlwind? “The whole experience has been totally crazy,” Katelyn told the BBC. “My phone just blew up when the video went out. It’s just totally hectic. She hopes to still be able to “fly under the radar” sometimes, and jokes she “feels horrible for actual famous people. This is their actual lives!”

When asked who she was most excited about having seen her performance, Katelyn immediately said, “Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec!” Her choice of Jean-Ralphio, a character played by actor Ben Schwartz on hit TV show Parks and Recreation, hints at one part of her personality. Many online have called her “full of joy,” having an “infectious passion” and “so fun.”

Katelyn is keenly aware that it is these traits, along with her undeniable technical ability, that makes her performance so compelling. “My coach, Ms. Val, always reminds me that when people watch me they need to have fun. “That’s why I’ve been really touched by people saying things like ‘this is the sort of positivity we need right now.’ It’s a nice change.”

The Golden Globes

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The 76th Golden Globe Awards honored the best in film and American television of 2018, as chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Produced by Dick Clark Productions and the HFPA, the 76th Golden Globe Awards was broadcast live on January 6, 2019, from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California beginning at 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST. The ceremony aired live on NBC in the United States. Actors Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg hosted the ceremony.

The nominees were announced on December 6, 2018 by Terry Crews, Danai Gurira, Leslie Mann, and Christian Slater. The ceremony marked the debut of a new non-competitive award rewarding excellence in television, the Carol Burnett Award, with Carol Burnett herself being the inaugural recipient, along with a brand new trophy design.

Green Book won the most awards for the ceremony with three, including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Bohemian Rhapsody and Roma won two awards each. In television, The Kominsky Method and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story were the most awarded, with two awards each. Jeff Bridges was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career achievement.

This is a complete list of the winners:   

Best Motion Picture, Drama:

Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:

Green Book

Best Director, Motion Picture:

Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama:

Glenn Close, The Wife

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama:

Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:

Olivia Colman, The Favourite

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:

Christian Bale, Vice

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture:

Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture:

Mahershala Ali, Green Book

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture:

Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie and Peter Farrelly, Green Book

Best Motion Picture, Animated:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Best Motion Picture, Foreign Language:


Best Original Score, Motion Picture:

Justin Hurwitz, First Man

Best Original Song, Motion Picture:

“Shallow” — A Star Is Born


Best Television Series, Drama:

The Americans, FX

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Drama:

Sandra Oh, Killing Eve

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Drama:

Richard Madden, Bodyguard

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy:

The Kominsky Method, Netflix

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy:

Rachel Brosnahan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy:

Michael Douglas, The Kominsky Method

Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, FX

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television:

Patricia Arquette, Escape at Dannemora

Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television:

Darren Criss, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

Patricia Clarkson, Sharp Objects

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

Ben Whishaw, A Very English Scandal

Swim team separation

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Highland has many sports teams and well performing clubs and one of these is the highland swim team. They are a special group of people and one of the few teams that are joined by SPA (Saint Paul Academy) to create the Sparks swim team.

Recently, Dr. Tucker announced wishes to dissolve the relationship between Highland and SPA. Many athletes were displeased when hearing this and created a petition to collect signatures to keep their team together.

The reasons Dr. Tucker had to separate the teams was discussed with the swim team parents, and athletes, in a meeting that was held on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 in the Highland Park Senior High School auditorium.

Dr. Tucker prepared a document that explains his reasoning, and I have included a copy of it below. (Nothing has been edited these are all Dr. Tucker’s words)

SPARKS Swim/Dive Team students and parents:

Highland Park Senior High School is moving to dissolve the cooperative partnership for the Swimming/Dive program with SPA for next school year.

While we respect the partnership with SPA and recognize that students from both schools have formed important bonds over the years, there are a number of logistical reasons for dissolving the sharing of the two programs.

These reasons include but are not limited to the following:

  1.  Both schools have enough students to host their own teams.
  2. The current size of the team has resulted in many challenges, including having to turn away Highland Middle and Highland Senior students.
  3. The size of the team warrants multiple coaches, which is a financial problem to sustain.
  4. Continual turnover in coaching as a result of managing the two combined programs which has resulted in a lack of consistency.
  5. The logistical challenges in coordinating a team between two schools as well as the size of the team is very challenging and a deterrent for most prospective coaches.
  6. Saint Paul Public Schools has a practice of generally only having cooperative athletic partnerships with schools within the same district (there are a few necessary exceptions).
  7. The purpose of cooperative athletic partnerships is to be short term until both schools can build their programs. This goal has been accomplished.

    Please note that some have felt that this change was our athletic director’s decision. It is important to realize that as principal it was my decision to move forward with this change and as principal the responsibility rests on my shoulders.

    If you are interested in hearing more about this issue and would like share you thoughts on this matter there will be a meeting in the Highland Park Senior High School auditorium on Wednesday, December 12 at 5:30pm.

    Dr. Winston H. Tucker

Though Dr. Tucker’s reasons are valid, the swim team had some reasons of their own. The following is from a petition created by SPARKS team members.

It has come our attention that the decision has been made to separate the Sparks and Trojans swim teams into two separate teams. For years, this co-op has flourished between Highland Park and SPA, both in and out of the pool. When we, the captains of both teams, were informed of this change, ‘cultural differences’ and limited pool space were cited as reasons for the split. These cultural differences are not a reason to divide the team—they are a key factor of what makes this team so special. The relationships and bonds formed between swimmers from both schools would never have been possible without the co-op. When it comes to the issue of pool space, we found a solution to the limited space during this past season, and believe that if the issue of space were to continue to be a problem, there are more viable solutions than to just separate the teams completely. This is not like the past where the teams were only separated while competing in conference meets (but could still compete in non-conference invites, dual meets, sections, and state together). The Athletic Department wants to separate us completely. We, the captains of both teams, and our fellow teammates believe that this is not in the best interest of either the Trojans or the Sparks in any way. While swimming together competitively the boys were able to come in 5th place in their 6AA sections and the girls were able to come in 7th place in their 6AA sections. If the teams were separated, like our schools intend to do, the boys team would have come in 7th place at their sections and the girls would have come in 8th place. The boys last year were able to get a new school record for their 400 free relay with two of those swimmers being from SPA and the girls were very close to breaking the 200 free relay record of which one person was from SPA. Additionally, a swimmer from SPA for the girls team broke a record that had stood for over 20 years in the 100 fly this past season. As mentioned previously, the teams as a co-op have been able to accomplish great things that they would not have and will not be able to achieve as two separate teams. We hope to have your support and for you to sign this petition in order to help us to keep our teams together.

If this article persuaded you believe that the swim team deserves to stay together, and to continue to develop the close bond they all cherish and want to continue, please click this link and help them by signing the petition:


Holidays in December you might not know about

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Christmas. Hanukkah. New Year’s Eve. Are these the only three holidays in December? Many might forget that there is more to the month than menorahs and mistletoe. To shed some light on forgotten festivities, we curated a list of lesser known holidays this December.

Kwanzaa began being celebrated in the late 1960s. After the Watts riots, Kwanzaa was formed as a celebration of harvest: similar to Thanksgiving. In fact, the title “Kwanzaa” comes from the term “first fruit.” The holiday includes: meals, dancing, singing and storytelling. It spans seven nights.

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26. It originated in the UK, and is the day where church collection boxes are opened. The money is given to the poor, and workers are given the day off to spend with their family.

World AIDS day takes place on December 1. It is used to spread awareness on aids and mourn the loss of those who have died from it.

Saint Nicholas Day is on December 6. It could be considered a Christmas holiday, and it is considered a day to focus on giving rather than receiving. The holiday tells the story of a Catholic saint and his morals.

The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is a yearly event on December 2, organized by the United Nations General Assembly. The day was first celebrated in 1986. The Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others was approved by the United Nations General Assembly on December 2, 1949. Also, by resolution 57/195 on December 18, 2002, the Assembly proclaimed 2004 the International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against Slavery and its Abolition.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. It has been observed with varying degrees of success around the planet. The observance of the day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life. It was originally called “International Day of Disabled Persons” until 2007. Each year the day focuses on a different issue.

Each year, on December 8, brownie lovers across the nation enjoy one of their favorite baked goods on National Brownie Day. Brownies were created in the United States at the end of the 19th century. A cross between a cookie and cake, they soon became very popular across the country. Though it is unclear of who created this holliday, would you miss an opportunity to eat you’re favorite treat?

International Migrants Day is observed on December 18, in accordance with Resolution 55/93 of the United Nations General Assembly which was adopted on December 4, 2000. On December 18, 1990, the General Assembly had adopted a resolution on the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families (resolution 45/158). This day is observed in many countries, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations through the dissemination of information on human rights and fundamental political freedoms of migrants, and through sharing of experiences and the design of actions to ensure the protection of migrants.

Bacon Day is observed annually on December 30th. Everything’s better with bacon. Someone said that once. Within our research, we have found very little to dispute this assertion. In the United States and Canada, bacon is made from the pork belly. Elsewhere in the world, the side and back cuts of pork are used. The meat is cured in either a salt brine or in a salt pack. It is then either dried, boiled or smoked. Bacon is a very popular food in the USA. You can find many items also flavored or scented with bacon including popcorn, soap, candles, air fresheners, and much more. Tthe proper way to celebrate it is by surrounding yourself with bacon!

Did you know some of these? What was your sore out of 9? Share with your friends and find out if you got the best score!

History of Thanksgiving foods

Thanksgiving Dinner Image taken from:

The holiday we all know and love is coming about,m and the festive season is blooming. If you’re a feverish Thanksgiving fan (even if you don’t even celebrate), here are some interesting facts about the history of Thanksgiving foods that you may or may not know.

We all know the modern staples of a Thanksgiving dinner: cranberry sauce, roast turkey, stuffing and more. But would it surprise you to know that none of these were present at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Instead of wild turkey, it was likely that the settlers ate roast duck or goose. Additionally, seafood, including lobster, clams, and mussels, made an appearance at the meal in the New England colony.

The forest provided chestnuts and walnuts, and crops provided squash, carrots, and peas for sides. Though corn is one of the most iconic Thanksgiving foods, it’s unlikely that settlers had corn on the cob this time of year — the only corn present at the first Thanksgiving was dried.

So, how did we get to eating turkey and mashed potatoes?

Well, the turkey was added to the annual celebration, and later popularized. Indigenous people boiled cranberries with sugar and used it to pair with the turkey. This sauce can be found in a cookbook from 1796. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows originated in France and then was adopted by Americans in attempt to add sweet potatoes to their meal. Pumpkin pie wasn’t found on tables until the 1800s.

While a nutty, herby stuffing could possibly be found at the first Thanksgiving, it wasn’t until 1792 when the modern stuffing was a hit. Green bean casserole, a hot dish, wasn’t popularized until 1955 – less than 63 years ago.

While Thanksgiving food has changed, and been altered over time, it’s not what the holiday is actually about. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and gracious for what we have.


PBE matrix

The PBE matrix, or Positive Behavior Expectations matrix, for HPSH can be found in, if all, most classrooms. It is separated into 8 columns: Before school, Classroom, Halls, Cafeteria/courtyard, Bathrooms/locker room, Event/assemblies, Bus/parking lot, and After school.

Recently, the administration has made it a goal to reinforce the matrix, which was introduced to students at the beginning of the year grade level meetings.

The Before school expectations include: being timely to classes, following dress code, using appropriate language, coming to school prepared, being alcohol/drug free, and respecting others.

The Classroom expectations also include: being timely, being respectful, using appropriate language, and being alcohol/drug free. Along with this, students are expected to be engaged in class, listening and following instruction, being prepared, turning in work by deadline, and having electronics put away (directed by staff).

The Hallway expectations include: appropriate language, being respectful, walking/talking, being alcohol/drug free, and arriving to class on time. Students should otherwise be in possession of a hallway pass.

The Cafeteria/courtyard expectations include: appropriate language use, being respectful, and being alcohol/drug free. In addition, to these expectations students are also expected to walk, throw garbage away, and follow staff directions.

The Bathrooms/locker room expectations also include: appropriate language, being respectful of privacy, and being alcohol/drug free. In addition, students should use bathrooms at passing time, or return promptly to class. They should put away electronics, wash hands, flush, and respect others personal property.

The Events/assemblies expectations include: appropriate language, being timely, and being alcohol/drug free. Students should be attentive/engaged, sit in assigned area, silence electronics, follow staff directions and enter/exit as directed.

The Bus/parking lot expectations include: using appropriate language, cleaning up, following alcohol/drug free expectations, following road signs, bus safety rules, and listening to bus driver’s expectations.

After school expectations include: using appropriate language, following staff instruction, going to adult led activities (directly), following all after school policies, keeping track of Schoology, Campus, and email, and respecting others, along with being alcohol/drug free.

The hope is that students will feel more comfortable in school if they follow the matrix as everyone would be doing what they should be doing. Following the matrix would also hopefully help students be more productive, because there would not a lot of extra distractions.

In the end, without the matrix, school would be a lot less structured, and there would be a lot more chaos.

BTS concert

Image result for BTS
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BTS is a K-pop boy band with the members being RM (Kin Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yoongi), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), Jimin (Park Jimin), V (Kim Taehyung), and Jungkook (Jean Jungguk). During 2018 they released two albums; Love Yourself: tear and Love Yourself: Answer. The latter of which concluded their Love Yourself Album series.

BTS announced their upcoming world tour on April 26, 2018. The initial number of shows were 7 in Asia, 15 in North America, 7 in Europe and 29 in total, but BigHit revealed on July 30, 2018, that they’ve added 4 more shows to the Japanese leg of the tour, making it 33 total shows. So far, all their shows have sold out.

when I was getting tickets, the room was in a frenzy. Me and my mom calling my friends family, whom I went with to the concert, and my dad. But when we finally got to ticket master the tickets ad sold out! We didn’t give up and we earthed until we found three seats next to eachother. Now the next challenge, booking a hotel. Whenwe finally found a hotel that had space, it had been an hour. Since many fans had also been looking for rooms, it was impossible to find a hotel.

On the drive to Chicago me and my friend had lots of fun hyping ourselves up for the concert, and when we finally got to the hotel everyone took a few quick showers to refresh from the long car ride and changed.

At the United Center where the concert was taking place, people were buzzing about. And when we finally got in to concert and the show stared, it was very amazing. I absolutely loved the concert! My friend and I and had such a good time together. During the performance they performed may hits and their official setlist for the songs in the order they were performed was:

  • IDOL
  • Save Me
  • I’m Fine
  • Magic Shop
  • Trivia: Just Dance
  • Euphoria
  • I Need U
  • RUN, Serendipity
  • Trivia: Love
  • DNA
  • Boyz With Fun/Attack on Bagtan/Fire/Silver spoon/Dope
  • Airplane pt.2
  • Singularity
  • Trivia: Seesaw
  • Epiphany
  • The Truth Untold
  • Outro: Tear
  • MIC Drop
  • So What
  • Anpanman
  • Answer: Love Myself.

It was also my first concert, so the constant screaming took a little getting used to. I really liked being able to go to this concert and i derrifnetly wont forget the experience.  I know everyone cant attend concerts like this so I was extrmely ahoy my parents obliged t send me. The entire experience, in the end, I would defiantly say it was worth it.