PBE matrix

The PBE matrix, or Positive Behavior Expectations matrix, for HPSH can be found in, if all, most classrooms. It is separated into 8 columns: Before school, Classroom, Halls, Cafeteria/courtyard, Bathrooms/locker room, Event/assemblies, Bus/parking lot, and After school.

Recently, the administration has made it a goal to reinforce the matrix, which was introduced to students at the beginning of the year grade level meetings.

The Before school expectations include: being timely to classes, following dress code, using appropriate language, coming to school prepared, being alcohol/drug free, and respecting others.

The Classroom expectations also include: being timely, being respectful, using appropriate language, and being alcohol/drug free. Along with this, students are expected to be engaged in class, listening and following instruction, being prepared, turning in work by deadline, and having electronics put away (directed by staff).

The Hallway expectations include: appropriate language, being respectful, walking/talking, being alcohol/drug free, and arriving to class on time. Students should otherwise be in possession of a hallway pass.

The Cafeteria/courtyard expectations include: appropriate language use, being respectful, and being alcohol/drug free. In addition, to these expectations students are also expected to walk, throw garbage away, and follow staff directions.

The Bathrooms/locker room expectations also include: appropriate language, being respectful of privacy, and being alcohol/drug free. In addition, students should use bathrooms at passing time, or return promptly to class. They should put away electronics, wash hands, flush, and respect others personal property.

The Events/assemblies expectations include: appropriate language, being timely, and being alcohol/drug free. Students should be attentive/engaged, sit in assigned area, silence electronics, follow staff directions and enter/exit as directed.

The Bus/parking lot expectations include: using appropriate language, cleaning up, following alcohol/drug free expectations, following road signs, bus safety rules, and listening to bus driver’s expectations.

After school expectations include: using appropriate language, following staff instruction, going to adult led activities (directly), following all after school policies, keeping track of Schoology, Campus, and email, and respecting others, along with being alcohol/drug free.

The hope is that students will feel more comfortable in school if they follow the matrix as everyone would be doing what they should be doing. Following the matrix would also hopefully help students be more productive, because there would not a lot of extra distractions.

In the end, without the matrix, school would be a lot less structured, and there would be a lot more chaos.

How to have a better relationship with your teachers

When beginning school, everyone has the mindset that they want to start school off strong, and do well, and finish off that year. It will be hard, but there are tips and tricks that will help you figure out how to do your best. Teachers play a big role in this because they will be the ones helping you make sure you try and get the best possible grade, but that’s only if you let them help you.

 Starting off my freshamn year, I went into high school thinking that I would be able to do things on my own and be independent. I really just wanted to prove to myself and others that I was able to do things without any help.

Things started off great at first but I eventually started to feel hopeless and felt like I wasn’t doing anything right.

By quarter 2, things started to get harder as we were getting to learn new things. I would always just tell myself that I didn’t need to ask the teacher for help, and i would just figure it out on my own, but then I saw that my grades began to slip.

My self confidence in myself began slip, and I knew that it was time to ask my teachers for help.

Image taken from: https://www.wikihow.com/Have-a-Good-Relationship-with-Your-Teacher

When I decided to ask for help, I realized that I didn’t need to be alone, and I had wonderful teachers to help me out. As I started to ask for help, I realized that I got to become closer to these teachers, and I realized that we got along pretty well.

One techer in particular became one of my favorites and I ended being in her class all four years of high school whether that was taking a coure of becoming a TA.

Now, I have realized that asking teachers for help is a good way in helping you become closer with teachers, because they really do help, and you can spark a realtionship with them that you will get to look at later in life.