Sports schedule for: Nov 19-25

MONDAY DATE:  November 19, 2018
TBD   Wrestling: Varsity Practice Begins Vs. Central, Como Park, Harding, Humboldt, Johnson, TBD, Washington Technology Magnet @ TBD  
TUESDAY DATE:  November 20, 2018
5:00pm   Hockey: Girls JV Game Minneapolis vs. St. Paul/Henry Sibley Riveters @ West St. Paul Ice Arena  
7:00pm   Hockey: Girls Varsity Game Minneapolis vs. St. Paul/Henry Sibley Riveters @ West St. Paul Ice Arena  
WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY DATE:  November 21 and 22, 2018


FRIDAY DATE:   November 23, 2018
2:00pm 12:00pm Hockey: Boys Varsity Tournament Highland (Central) vs. Baldwin-Woodville Area School District @ Amery Ice Arena 4:00pm
SATURDAY DATE:   November 24, 2018
4:30PM 2:15pm Hockey: Boys JV Game Highland (Central) vs. Amery @ Amery Ice Arena School 9:00pm
7:00pm 2:15pm Hockey: Boys Varsity Tournament Highland (Central) vs. Amery @ Amery Ice Arena 9:00pm


A brief history of Thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving day is celebrated by millions of Americans around the United States. This year, it will be celebrated on Thursday, November 22. On September 6, 1620, the Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England, with 102 passengers known as the Pilgrims. They explored the shores of Cape Cod, far from their destination at the Hudson River. A month later, the Mayflower ship crossed Massachusetts Bay, and there they began working on establishing a village at Plymouth.

In the year of 1623, there was a terrible drought, and the Pilgrims prayed for rain to come. They celebrated a day of Thanksgiving after the rain came, but it was more of a prayer than a day of parties.

Between 1789 to 1863, American presidents tried to proclaim that November 26 should be celebrated as a national day of Thanksgiving, but it failed to become a tradition. Every president after George Washington tried tried to make Thanksgiving an annual tradition.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, declared that Thanksgiving should be celebrated on the last Thursday of November for a ‘‘day of Thanksgiving and Praise’.’ Lincoln ordered government departments to close on Thanksgiving, and it has been celebrated by the nation ever since.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, he moved Thanksgiving one week earlier, because sometimes the last Thursday of November was the fourth, and sometimes the fifth. Thanksgiving has been the fourth Thursday in November ever since this change.

For more information visit these cites:

History of Thanksgiving: A Timeline

Minnesota elections

Tuesday’s midterm elections were a very surprising election in Minnesota, and many firsts were been made as many women took the lead.

Amy Klobuchar defeated Republican Jim Newberger by 625,614 votes and continues to add to her senate service of over 10 years. Tina Smith won against Karin Housley, and is Minnesota’s second senator, and won by 274,603 votes. The governor of Minnesota is now Tim Walz who defeated Republican Jeff Johnson by 295,261 votes.

Ilhan Omar beat Jennifer Zielinski by 193,258 votes, with most her votes coming from Hennepin County. She was the nation’s first Somali-American member of Congress and will be one of two Muslim women congresswoman. She was once a refugee and is headed to Washington D.C. She won Minnesota’s fifth congressional district.

Peggy Flanagan was the first Native American elected lieutenant governor, and was serving as a member of the House of Representatives since 2015.

Annie Craig became the first openly LGBTQ member of Congress from Minnesota, when she won the 2nd Congressional district by defeating Republican Jason Lewis.

In Hennepin county David Hutchinson will be the first openly gay sheriff in the Midwest.

Maria Regan Gonzalez will be the first Latina mayor in Richfield, and Kim Norton will be Rochester’s first woman mayor, also Jonathan Judd will be Moorhead’s first African American mayor.

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Link Crew freshman night

What’s new with Link Crew?

Link Crew is doing something a little different for December’s freshman fun night. Instead of Link Crew teacher advisors creating the Link Crew events, the student Link Leaders are taking on the role.

Freshman nights are events planned by the Link Crew organization for freshman. They consist of activites like: scavenger hunts, movie nights, game nights, and more. Link Crew events are supposed to help freshman meet new students in their grade, build new life long friendships, and learn useful strategies to help them through high school.

Link Crew is a great program which I would recommend to any junior or senior who wants to make a change in their environment.

This program supports the transition of middle schoolers to the high school world. Coming into high school is a big change and for anyone and it can be stressful, scary, and confusing. Link Crew is there to alleviate those scary and stressful feelings and make high school into something exciting and memorable.

As a Link Crew leader you have to be sympathetic and understand not all freshman come from the same background. Some kids come from broken homes, abusive environments, or low economic opportunities. Link Crew is a positive environment that can get kids away from that. Being in Link Crew is a way to make change and help kids that may need it.

As a current Link Crew leader, creating our own freshman night is new and really exciting. My partner Sami, a senior, and I are planning on doing a bowling night. What’s a better way to build friendships than that?

Our goal is to connect our freshman group with another one so freshman are able to hang out with some of their school friends who might not be in our group. I am really excited about December and happy to see where this hard planning takes us.


The first senior class field trip of 2018

On November 2, the class of 2019 had their first senior class field trip. The senior class field trips are planned by the senior class counsel. Usually, there are about three trips a year, and they are used to promote bonding within the graduating class. This year’s first field trip was to Grand Slam.

The field trip sounded fun, a day full of mini gulf and lazer tag, but that wasn’t the part some people were upset about.

The field trip was announced just several days before the field trip was to take place. People were upset by the short notice of the trip, and some people felt that the trip wasn’t advertised enough. Some people didn’t even know the trip was happening.

I asked a senior, in my math class, if she was excited about our first senior field trip of the year, and she looked at me with a very confused look. She told me, “I didn’t even know we had a senior field trip planned. When is it?” When I told her it was the upcoming Friday (given I had this conversation on Tuesday, the 30th of October), her confusion turned to irritation. “How are we supposed to find out anything when it’s all last minute?”

She was not the only one feeling this way. When the whole field trip was announced, students only had a couple of days to get the slip and return it back to the counselor’s office before the deadline.

Even though I do see where all the frustration came from, I think we should’ve cut the council some slack. According to one of the council members, the trip was more difficult to plan than anticipated. They were trying to find other places to have the field trip, but all those places didn’t work out.

Our next field trip will be during the winter and is probably going to involve a lot of snow. With all the constructive critisism they recived, I believe the senior class council will try to communicate dates and events more efficiently.