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There are many different occupations and hobbies in the world. A common occupation in the world is to be an artist. An artist is somebody that creates an artwork. The artwork can be in many different styles and techniques. Just like artists have different styles and techniques, they also have a different reasoning for why the create art. This article is going to look into why many people create art.

Many people that create art make it so they can put all of their emotions on a canvas. I interviewed an art teacher, Ms. Shomion, asking her some questions about art. When I asked her why she became an art teacher, she answered that it’s because at her college, out of all of her classes, she enjoyed, and was interested in her art class the most. I also asked her about how she feels while creating art. She answered that she feels at peace and fulfilled. I asked her if she always wanted to be an artist, and she said no, it wasn’t always her interest. When I asked her why she was interested in art, she said that her family was involved in art so she grew up around an artistic environment.

Many of the famous artists create artworks like sculptures, paintings, etc. because they want to show their feelings or opinions. Another person that I interviewed, on why they create art, responded that they feel good while creating art because she liked the thought of creating things. When I asked when, and why, she became interested in art, she replied that she has always been interested in art and when she was younger, she realized that her drawings were better than the rest of the kids so she thought she had a chance of being an artist.

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