Public schools vs. private schools

There are many who say private schools are far more beneficial to the children of our generation than public schools, and vice versa. Although there is not a lot of animosity between the two sides, the conversation still lingers as many question the other’s ethics, morals, and values.

Many argue that private schools provide more individual help from teachers, while public school all have a massive number of kids, and not enough staff members to provide the help needed for those kids in the classroom.

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On the contrary, people in support of public schools argue that kids need to take the initiative for teacher help, that there are enough teachers, and that it is the kids’ responsibility to own up to their concerns and issues and ask for help themselves.

There is a strong view that people should not have to pay for education at the high school level, and that embracing public schools is the solution to the divide. Separating our community is an argument that really has not been addressed in a head-on manner by private school enthusiasts. Taking pride of togetherness, and communal ways of developing as a country, starting with our kids’ education, is yet another argument from the supporters of public schools.

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Parents of private school students often argue that yes, they want to be a part of the solution, but they often take their own child’s education over the solution. They do not necessarily believe in the solution, and a substantial number believe that their future success depends on where they go to school, and if it is private or public. Overwhelmingly, private school supporters agree that the divide communally is not a large enough problem to where everyone needs to go to public school. On top of that, they believe that the discipline issues are too much to handle, and again, they take the value of their child’s education over starting to develop and help the solution of integrating private into public.

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There are many different occupations and hobbies in the world. A common occupation in the world is to be an artist. An artist is somebody that creates an artwork. The artwork can be in many different styles and techniques. Just like artists have different styles and techniques, they also have a different reasoning for why the create art. This article is going to look into why many people create art.

Many people that create art make it so they can put all of their emotions on a canvas. I interviewed an art teacher, Ms. Shomion, asking her some questions about art. When I asked her why she became an art teacher, she answered that it’s because at her college, out of all of her classes, she enjoyed, and was interested in her art class the most. I also asked her about how she feels while creating art. She answered that she feels at peace and fulfilled. I asked her if she always wanted to be an artist, and she said no, it wasn’t always her interest. When I asked her why she was interested in art, she said that her family was involved in art so she grew up around an artistic environment.

Many of the famous artists create artworks like sculptures, paintings, etc. because they want to show their feelings or opinions. Another person that I interviewed, on why they create art, responded that they feel good while creating art because she liked the thought of creating things. When I asked when, and why, she became interested in art, she replied that she has always been interested in art and when she was younger, she realized that her drawings were better than the rest of the kids so she thought she had a chance of being an artist.

Zodiac overview

Have you ever had someone ask you “what’s your zodiac sign?” or ever wondered what a zodiac sign even is?

If we look into Western and Indian astrology, the emphasis is on space, and on the movement of the sun, moon, and planets in the sky through each of the zodiac signs (which is just a certain area in which the sun, moon, and planets are located during a certain month).

Each zodiac sign is related to a person’s birthday and “personality.” Each zodiac personality is different, and they also have different compatibilities with each other

Many people around the world love zodiac signs; seeing different compatibilities and using them to see how their week, month, or even year are going to be! But many people don’t know the history behind the signs. The word zodiac translates into “Circle of Animals,” and many believe that this word was created in ancient Egypt.

The signs are divided up into for different groups:

Fire signs, Water signs, Air Signs, and last but not least, Earth Signs. There are 12 signs in total, each one based off of the earth’s daily rotation, which is why some believe that different signs thrive more during different seasons. Astrology wasn’t only used for predicting your love life or your friendships, the Ancient Greeks used these signs to predict the weather patterns or even wars that might happen. These techniques were mainly used by people with higher power such as kings and emperors.

Many people may know that the zodiac table has also been taken and changed by China, using different animals to symbolize the years. These animals consist of: rat, dragon, snake, rabbit, tiger, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, pig, dog, and ox.

Below is a list of the standard zodiac signs:


(Mar 20 – Apr 20)


(May 21 – Jun 21)


(Jul 23 – Aug 23)


(Sep 23 – Oct 23)


(Nov 22 – Dec 22)


(Jan 20 – Feb 18)


(Apr 20 – May 21)


(June 21 – Jul 23)


(Aug 23 – Sep 23)


(Oct 23 – Nov 22)


(Dec 22 – Jan 20)


(Feb 18 – Mar 20)

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Here is a list of each zodiac sign’s love matches:

  • Aries: Pisces, Taurus
  • Taurus: Aries, Gemini
  • Gemini: Taurus, cancer
  • Cancer: Gemini, Leo
  • Leo: Cancer, Virgo
  • Virgo: Leo, Libra
  • Libra: Virgo, Scorpio
  • Scorpio: Libra, Sagittarius
  • Sagittarius: Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Aquarius: Capricorn, Pisces
  • Capricorn: Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Pisces: Aquarius, Aries

Zodiac birthstones (does not correspond with your monthly birthstone):

  • Aquarius: Garnet
  • Pisces: Amethyst
  • Aries: Bloodstone
  • Taurus: Sapphire
  • Gemini: Agate
  • Cancer: Emerald
  • Leo: Onyx
  • Virgo: carnelian
  • Libra: Chyrsolite
  • Scorpio: Beryl
  • Sagittarius: Citrine
  • Capricorn: Ruby

Zodiac sign’s flowers:

  • Aries: Tulips
  • Taurus: Lilies
  • Gemini: Roses
  • Cancer: Delphiniums
  • Leo: Sunflowers
  • Virgo: Daisies
  • Libra: Hydrangeas
  • Scorpio: Peonies
  • Sagittarius: Carnations
  • Capricorn: African Violets
  • Aquarius: Orchids
  • Pisces: Alstroemerias

The Trump’s administration’s first state dinner

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The Trump administration held their first state dinner, in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday, April 24. First Lady Melania Trump was the head organizer of the event, and it was a prime opportunity for her to prove herself. She chose not to bring in an outside event planner.

White House state dinners are a historical tradition. They are usually held in the State Dining Room (though larger ones, such as those held by Barack Obama, are held outside under tents) and are an opportunity for the President to meet with, and honor one or more foreign heads of state. According to the White House Historical Association, the first state dinner was held in 1874 by President Ulysses S. Grant to honor King David Kalakaua of the Kingdom of Hawaii. President Barack Obama held 13 state dinners during his tenure.

The Trump dinner was attended by around 150 people, none of whom were journalists or Congressional Democrats. It was decorated in a gold and cream color scheme. The menu for the dinner was in an American style, inspired by French cuisine. The first course featured goat cheese gateau, tomato jam, buttermilk biscuit crumbles, and young variegated lettuces. The main course featured rack of spring lamb, burnt cipollini soubise, and Carolina gold rice jambalaya. For dessert, they ate nectarine tart and crème fraîche ice cream. Fox News reported that for entertainment, Mrs. Trump opted for the Washington National Opera over popstars, as was done for most of the Obama administration’s state dinners.

Following a less formal dinner with the Macrons, at Mount Vernon (the home of George Washington), on Monday night, the First Lady greeted the Macrons on Tuesday morning dressed in a white Michael Kors skirt and blazer, and a Hervé Pierre hat. For the dinner, she wore a Chanel Haute Couture dress, which received great praise from many media outlets, including CNN, for its elegance.

ABC News reported that the President used the toast as an opportunity to thank his wife, saying “To America’s absolutely incredible first lady, thank you for making this an evening we will always cherish and remember. Thank you, Melania.”

But, though it was elegant, the Trumps’ first state dinner was not without argument. Trump lambasted the Iran deal, which he is against and Macron is for. The Iran deal is an agreement reached in 2015 between Iran, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany, and the totality of the European Union, which lifted sanctions on Iran in return for limiting their nuclear program until 2025. Trump opposes it because he believes it is inadequate; having no control over Iran’s development of ballistic missiles and other non-nuclear weapons and their behavior in the Middle East (i.e., supporting Islamist terrorist organizations), and for its temporary time frame. He blasted the deal, calling it “insane” and “ridiculous.” However, as CNN reported, Trump seemed more amenable in a news conference afterwards, saying “We can be flexible. You know, in life you have to be flexible, and as leaders of countries, you have to show flexibility.” After the dinner, it is unclear what the fate of the Iran deal will be.

In one particularly memorable moment of the dinner, according to The Hill, President Trump brushed a piece of “dandruff” off of Emmanuel Macron’s shoulder, saying “They’re all saying what a great relationship we have, and they’re actually correct. We do have a very special relationship. In fact, I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off — we have to make him perfect. He is perfect.” The President of France laughed.




Sports schedule for: Apr 30-May 5


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Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Girls  Golf, Adapted Bowling, Adapted Softball, Boys Tennis, Badminton, Track & Field

Activities the Week of April 30-May 5

Monday Apr. 30:

Girls Varsity Golf vs. Como Park @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys JV Golf Match @ Highland Park Nine-Hole GC 2:45p

Varsity & JV Badminton @ Central HS 3:15pm (Bus 2:20/4:15pm)

Boys Varsity Tennis @ Central HS 3:15pm  (Bus 2:45/5:15pm) JV @ HP 3:15pm

Boys Varsity Baseball 5 Inning Double- Header @ Harding 3:45pm  B-Squad @ Conway Playground 4pm  JV vs. Nova Classical Academy @ Dunning Field 6pm (Bus 4:45/7:30pm)

Tuesday May 1:
Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf @ Highland National GC 2:45pm

Varsity & JV Baseball vs. Holy Angels @ Donaldson Park 4:15pm (Bus 3/6pm)      B-Squad @ HP 4:30pm (Bus 3/6)

Adapted PI Softball@ Bloomington -Kennedy 4:30pm

Boys ‘Bobcat’ Lacrosse vs. Roseville Area HS @ Central HS 5:30pm

Wednesday May 2:

JV Boys Golf @ Highland Nine-Hole GC 2:45pm

Girls Varsity Golf @ Cedarholm GC 3pm (schedule says @Thompson Oaks 2:30pm) JV @ Cedarholm

Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Harding @ HP 3:15pm  JV @ Harding 3:15pm (Bus2:45/5:15pm)

Varsity Baseball vs. Central  5 Inning Double-Header @ Toni Stone Stadium 4pm  B-Squad @ Jimmy Lee Rec Ctr. 3:45pm  JV @ HP 4pm

Thursday May 3:

Varsity, JV & B-squad Softball vs. Central @ HP 5 Inning Double-Header 4pm

Co-Ed Track & Field True team Meet @ HP 4:15pm

Badminton @ Como Park 3:15pm (Bus :20/4:15pm)

Girls JV Golf @ Cedarholm GC 2:45pm

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Harding @ Phalen GC 2:45pm

Friday May 4:

Varsity Baseball 5 Inning Double Header vs. Humboldt @ HP 4pm

Saturday May 5:

Go Scots!