NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs are starting. We will see round one matchups of: Rockets vs. Timberwolves, Thunder vs. Jazz, Warriors vs. Spurs, Pelicans vs. Trail Blazers, Raptors vs. Wizards, Bucks vs. Celtics, Cavaliers vs. Pacers, and Heat vs. 76ers.

This year’s playoffs should be much more interesting than last year’s. Last year, the playoffs were made up of predictable series, and a very predictable finals. Some series this year are very exciting. The Heat should be able to force the 76ers to 6 or 7 games, and New Orleans should have an interesting time trying to slow down Damian Lillard. I personally believe that we will see the Rockets play the Warriors in a very exciting 7 game Western Conference Finals series.

This may be the first time in four years where we will not see LeBron James in the NBA Finals. The Cavs will have a very difficult time trying to reach the Finals. They will likely have to face Indiana, Philadelphia, and a Toronto team that looks ready to redeem their last few playoff losses. We seem prepared to see Houston play talented teams such as Minnesota, Oklahoma City, and Golden State.

NBA fans are gearing up for an interesting and unpredictable playoffs. With any luck, injuries will not ruin the postseason as they have the regular seasons. Injuries cost teams like the Timberwolves, Warriors, and Spurs, who were hampered by injuries. The NBA Playoffs will be very fun in 2018, and NBA fans will have a lot of fun watching.

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