By : Eddie Lopez

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The new Stranger Things season 2 debuted on October 27th, and the fans are going crazy! The new season has broken records; placing, once again, first, on the most viewed TV series on Netflix, with the premier being viewed by 15.8 million people. For perspective, that’s about ⅓ of ALL Netflix subscribers that were watching, and it’s what the season deserves.

Stranger Things 2 has delivered exactly what fans have been asking for in a sequel. The same 80’s sci-fi vibe, and all the traits we all loved were brought back for the new installment. Exploring everything we were left questioning in the last season; like more of Eleven’s backstory (SPOILER ALERT: yes, she’s alive!). And tying up the ends from the last season’s epic cliffhanger. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, then…Go. Watch. It.

It’s been over a week since season 2 was released, which is a fair enough time to finish the 9 episodes, so spoilers ahead!!!!

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The new season comes with new characters, who add, yet keep, the same feel we all loved from season 1. It also introduces a new villain, the Mind Flare, aka – Shadow Monster, which taunts Will in his nightmarish visions of the Upside Down. The Upside Down is also explored in more depth, explaining more of how it works and why it is there. It also brings back the lovable gang of middle schoolers, Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin. There is also more exploring of their families and personal lives.

The story stays in Hawkins, Indiana, whilst also having a stand alone episode in the city of Chicago. It follows Eleven in search of her long lost sister, who had also been kidnapped and experimented on by Dr. Brenner in Hawkins National Laboratory. Although her sister Kali is left untouched by the story, and only seems to be brought into the show as a way for Eleven to let her anger out, she also teaches Eleven how to control her powers and her angry past. Fans are already anxious to see what the producers do with her in the upcoming seasons, but for now, Kali is left forgotten.

Although there were many small things left unfinished, like Eleven’s mom’s story, her sister, and Max’s past, fans are very satisfied with the ending of this season; leaving mostly everything solved and happy. Yet, something still lurks in the sky of the upside down, the MIND FLARE!

It is revealed that they indeed did not quite defeat the Shadow Monster and it is still lurking in the Upside Down. I guess we’ll have to wait till season 3 next year.

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