Weather Review: October and things to look for in November

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This year, October set the records for warmest and wettest, of the year, in the Upper Midwest region. October was unusually wet this year, and according to Southeast Regional Climate data, about 20 cities had set a new record of having the wettest October. Only 6 cities reported that October was the coldest month. Some of those cities included: Idaho Falls; Pocatello; and Laramie, Wyoming. Hurricane Nate, along the coast of the Gulf, also consider contributed to southern states having their wettest month as well. In Watertown, New York, because of the continuous rain, it is consider the wettest month.

November is the final month of hurricane season. Though hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms are still possible, many cities are now getting snow. Early November and late October have a long history of intense storms, especially in the Midwest region, according to The low pressure of the wind can cause strong winds which damage trees and create power outages. On October 24 of this year, the strong winds caused many power lines to go down in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

It also caused huge waves so there was some flooding near the coast up north. There is especially lots of flooding during this time around the Lake Superior shore. The storms caused a huge hazard for boats. In November 1975, one of the biggest storms going through Minnesota caused a boat to sink in Lake Superior.

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One of things to watch out for in November is the severe thunderstorms which can leads to tornadoes or hail storm. Last November, there were about 3 dozen storms that hit the South. There is the lake-snow band to watch out for as well if you are near Lake Superior. According to the Weather Channel, the definition of lake-snow band is a weather phenomenon when cold air picks up moisture and heat while passing over a warmer lake. It causes the lake to freeze over until the moisture and heat is lost.

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