After school activities at Highland

Highland Park is lucky enough to have over 30 extracurricular activities, not including sports. Many of these activities can help discover new talents or hobbies. Extracurricular classes give you a chance to make new friends and learn about things you can’t during a normal school day, not to mention participation in extracurriculars looks amazing on collage applications.

If you are interested in joining a club or after school activity then these are four of the clubs that I found interesting.


Film club is about making movies, not watching them. What could be more fun than making short films? Nothing, and Highland has a whole club for making films. The types of films made are completely decided by the students involved. Last year they made a documentary on the football team and a music video. Film club meets every Thursday in room 2214 from 2:15 to 3:45.


Union Latina is a club dedicated to cultures of Mexico, South America and Central America. Union Latina’s goal is to educate and discuss with students about Latina culture, whether that be music, food, festivals and holidays, or about the hard times and global issues of some of the countries. Union Latina is open to anyone and everyone regardless of ethnicity. They meet every Wednesday in room 3306 from 2:15 – 3:15 pm.


Archery isn’t only for hunters and Robin Hood. The archery team at Highland Park is about learning about shooting safety, concentration and technique. Although the archery team doesn’t participate in tournaments, they are still considered a sport. Archery is a great way to make friends and spend time doing something you enjoy. For more information on times and dates, contact Mr. Martinson at



Another club I found interesting was Prizm literary magazine. Prizm is an annual magazine that is made up exclusively of student paintings, drawings, poems, short stories and photographs. Anyone is eligible to submit to Prizm through their English clases, but if you are interested in the actual production and editing part of the magazine, join them in room 2222 at 2:15 on Fridays.

Some other clubs available at Highland are Anime Club, Asian Culture Club, Black Student Union, Book Club, Choir, Cyber Security Team, Debate Team, FFA Club, Gender Equality Club, Gender Sexuality Alliance, Instrumental Music, Link Crew, Math Team, Model United Nations, Mountain Biking, National Honors Society, Nucleus, Orchestra Club, The Plaid Line School Newspaper, Robotics, Science Club, Spanish Speaking Debate, Speech Team, Student Council, Yearbook, Youth Alive and Youth in Government.

Highland has a very wide variety of things to do after school so there is something for everyone. As long as you stay balanced and have priorities, after school clubs and activities can only help you. So go out and join a club, meet new people, learn new things. Nothing is worse than not trying and wishing you would have later on.



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