Link Crew (Get involved, have fun, meet someone new)

Link Crew is a program created by the boomerang project, that deals with students’ transition into high school and starting out as a Freshman. The Link Crew leaders help the new students feel welcome to high school and make them feel comfortable when meeting new people and seeing a whole new side of education. 

In these past few years, Highland Park has had many students apply and participate in the Link Crew program, and many students say they have had a great time getting to know the new Freshman class each year as Link leaders, and making all kinds of friendships inside and IMG_2318.JPGoutside of school.

Link Crew creates multiple events throughout the year to show the Freshman more new and exciting things about high school, help them get to know one another including more about their Link Crew leader, and most importantly– having fun with other students.

The Link Crew leaders consist of Juniors and Seniors that have the many qualities that define what being a leader really means such as: kindness, respect, and motivation. This is especially important in helping students who are a bit scared about what to expect when moving into something new like high school, and needing another person who can make them feel good, and also be a friend.

I sat down and talked to a student of Highland involved in Link Crewphoto

Tahji Brown: A 17-year-old Senior, and also a member of the Senior Class council.

He says “My experience as a Link Crew leader has been fun! I wanted to join Link Crew because I want to make a difference in how Freshman look at high school. Link Crew has a lot of different stuff we do, and I have met a lot of different people inside and out of my group, and I must say, All the Freshman this year are so cute!”  

To have more of a better prospective of what the program means, I also talked to one of the coaches of Link Crew:

Matthew McKinney [Mr. McKinney]: He has been at Highland for 6 years now teaching a few different science classes to the students at Highland.

HMr. McKinneye is the co-coordinator for Link Crew and he says: “Link Crew has so many great students every year. We help make the Link Crew leaders into good examples for the new students making that transition into high school. One quality that stands out in our leaders is kindness, and that is practiced through socializing with other leaders and communicating to work together. We do all sorts of fun events throughout the year to help the freshman grow in being team oriented, contacting their leader, and building their social skills with others.”

Link Crew has helped many Freshman grow and feel confident about their journey through high school, all the way to their Senior year. The application process for new Link Crew leaders is near the end of the school year in May, and students who will be Juniors and Seniors next school year can apply. High school is a whole different experience, and Link Crew wants to help new students be successful in their education while learning about the other students and exciting opportunities that freshman can get involved with in high school.

To learn more about Link Crew at Highland and hear about their events, check out this link to their webpage on the school website: Link Crew (Highland Park Senior High)

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