The Plaid Line

The Plaid Line 2015-16

Newspaper will be a class run by Ms. Lingofelt during the next school year. Newspaper is a class where students get to write articles to put on the Highland Park Senior High The Plaid Line website. For those students who love to write, this class would be a good class to take.

Students are responsible for writing an original article every other week. The first week is pitch week: pitch week is when students come up with article ideas to write about. The second week is article week: final articles need to be submitted by the end of article week. Newspaper is a pretty chill class where students just write. Articles can be about school, world issues or just anything.

Students here are nice and open, they are very funny people. If students choose to write an article where they can interview someone in the school, they will be given a pass to go interview the person only if that person is free during the hour.

Newspaper would love to have more students, hopefully, in the next school year there will be more students. Hopefully, in the next school year, there will be many different articles published.

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