To Infinity and Beyond

featured-space-policyA new and rising company Celestis offers the chance to honor the deceased in a new and unique way. Celestis gives families a chance to send the cremated remains of their loved ones into space. Celestis offers multiple services ranging in prices from $1,295 to $32,500. Celestis has an “Earth Rise” service, an “Earth Orbit” service, a “Luna” service, and the “Voyager” service.

The “Earth Rise” service gives families the opportunity a chance to launch a symbolic portion of their cremated deceased into space, which will then return back home to the family.

“Earth Orbit” offers families the option to send the cremated remains of the deceased into orbit where it is estimated to stay anywhere from 10 to 240 years, after which it will reenter the atmosphere where it will harmlessly vaporize like a shooting star.

The “Luna” service will be sending cremated remains to the surface of the moon.

Lastly the “Voyager” service will send cremated remains out of Earths orbit and onward and outward to the depths of space.

Like Celestis, a company called Elysium Space offered more affordable plans for the same concept. Elysium Space sends the created remains into orbit for months or years, and like Celestis’s “Earth Orbit” service, the remains will eventually reenter the atmosphere, and vaporize. Elysium Space’s service is a low price of $2,000, where as Celestis offers the same service for $4,995. $2,000 is a great deal compared to the average $6,000 it cost to host a funeral, according to the National Funeral Director’s Association.

Elysium is working closely with commercial space flight companies, and soon hopes to widen their variety of services, much like Celestis. Much like Celestis, Elysium hopes to allow families the choice to send their deceased family to the moon, deep space, and even the sun.

As space funerals are gaining more popularity, other creative forms of spreading cremated remains are surfacing. Entrepreneur Steven Mitchell is developing a service to launch the cremated remains into the sky, using mini rockets, which it will then explode, scattering the ashes. Mitchell is working on developing a “do it yourself” version, along with a more advanced version that should travel the speed of sound.