Powderpuff Power

A powderpuff game is a flag football game formed by a group of junior and senior girls, to determine which class is better at football. The same rules apply as regular football, just no tackling.

The females that joined the powderpuff football team this year were: Dominic Estrada, Titania Thao, Marine Nystrom, Jennifer Ibarra, Carli Webber, Daisy Lor, and Allison Kavanagh.

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Juniors chose to be a part of the game because they wanted to be a part of an activity that involved team work, and to show that juniors are better than seniors.

The reason the seniors joined this activity is because this is their last year to prove that seniors will always have the win, and that they are the strongest class.

Before the game we asked each player on the junior and senior team a few questions about the game and how they felt about it. We asked them their name, grade, position they wanted to be, what their thoughts were about the game, and why they chose to participate in the game. For example, Allison Kavanagh, a fellow 12th grade student, wanted to be a receiver and was pretty pumped about the powderpuff game. Allison said: “The reason I joined the powderpuff football game is because it’s senior year. Go hard or go home.”

The game started at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning, before the homecoming football game. The teams were set and ready to go in 3…2…1 game time. Due to the number of participants, it turned into a 3 on 3 football game. The coach gave each team three possessions.

After two possessions each, they were tied with one touchdown and they each had one more possession. So the seniors were up first and the juniors had a chance to get up first. The juniors needed the score to tie and the seniors intercepted it to secure their victory. Seniors had their last possession, they scored, and the seniors won! So, even with only having 3-4 people it was a lot of fun.