Math Team M4 Press Release – Highland Goes to State!


By: Tate Bosler

On Monday, Highland’s math team defeated Central for a third time this season, which is enough to send the team to the state tournament for the 20th year in a row. The team has one meet left in the season on February 9 at home, which will secure this title, as well as the division championship.

Highland has been performing very well over the last decade, regularly getting second place in the Saint Paul City division to Central. At a meet last year, Highland came within grabbing distance of winning a meet, taking second to Central by only one point.

This year, though, things have been different. Highland started the season by winning a meet in November, defeating Central by nine points. The team won again at Humboldt later that same month. And this third victory will give Highland the title of Division Champions – a title the team has not held since 2005.

The final meet of the season is a home meet, held in the cafeteria and math classrooms on Monday, February 9. Topics for the meet include puzzle problems, probability, and similar triangles. Final division results will be announced immediately following the meet.

The math team is on Twitter at @hp_mathteam, led by captains Tate Bosler (@ichiefboz) and Katie Watson (@coffeemoose) and coaches Michael O’Connell and Christopher Anderson. More information can be found at

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