FHA: Engaging Students and Empowering the Community

Friends of the Highland Arts is a new non-profit organization that is forming, to help support all types of art in Highland area schools. Currently, they are actively involved in organization development stages, and are well underway to becoming a strong presence in the Highland community. Here are some progress updates about what they’re up to:

First Annual Highland Arts Showcase

FHA will be promoting the first Annual Highland Arts Showcase to be held 7 PM Thursday March 19 in the HPSH auditorium. The program is free (donations accepted) and FHA will promote to the greater Highland Park and St Paul community.

There will be selections from HPSH IB band, choir, jazz, and dance performances.

HPSH visual/media art work will be exhibited in the auditorium lobby.

They will invite elementary and middle schools in the HPSH articulated network to display some of their student artwork.

There may be a music ensemble from Capitol Hill perform, either on stage or in the lobby before the Showcase.

They hope to have a table staffed with student volunteers to help younger children create a simple art project before and after the performances.

FHA will create the Showcase program (Playbill) and solicit advertising to raise funds for Highland Arts programming.


FHA has done a great job of engaging students thus far in the process. Congratulations to Meagan Blair for submitting the winning logo design in the recently held contest. She gets to work with a professional graphic design artist next! Also, 11th grader Misha Prasolov is working on website development. In the future, they have talked about forming a student advisory board, to give guidance and direction to the organization from the student’s perspective.

For more information about FHA, email: friendsofhighlandarts@gmail.com or contact Colleen Zuro-White or Anne Gimpl.