iPad tips

heroNow that the entire student population of HPHS has an iPad in their own possession, there are some tips I’d like to highlight about the devices. Here are the top 5 things to know about SPPS iPads:

5) Use it as much as possible. Remember that whenever the red sign isn’t displayed in the classroom, your iPad can be out and in use. It has the capability to replace most of your paper, don’t let the simplicity of a notebook hold you back.

4) Note-taking. Evernote, Bamboo Paper, Pages, Google Docs and Notes all make for an easy and simple lecture. Just turn the iPad where it’s easiest for you to type and then go to town.

3) AirDrop. Use it as a tool, not a distraction. It can easily help you accomplish tasks. If you missed a day of class, have a friend drop you the notes or a teacher AirDrop the assignment that you missed.

2) “They’re watching you….” Teachers can use Casper Focus to see what you are doing, lock your iPad or lock you into a specific app of their choosing. Through Mobile Device Management, the district, with probable cause, can view you browser/download history and where you have been connected to a network. They also scan each iPad every 24 hours to see if you have downloaded one of the banned apps found at bit.ly/notapps.

1) iPads are a privilege, not a right. Use them the wrong way and continue to abuse your privileges and consequences will be handed to you about as quickly as your iPad was given to you. Use it as tool and avoid the game section of the App Store.