Girls tennis season recap

By: Emma Dombrow

Last year’s HPSH Girls Tennis Varsity and JV Teams

The girls tennis team had a great season this year, even though three of the starting varsity players were injured and out for most of the season. Our season started out with captain’s practices during the last week of July and will be finished as of Thursday 10/9.

Our season is almost finished, but we still have two more major events left!  First is the individual sections at the University of Minnesota.  It’s a competition where two singles players and two doubles teams from each school get to skip a day of school and compete.  This year from Highland, Anja Savic (10), Leah Barrett (12), Sabrina Hang (11), and Katie Tennis (11) will be competing for the doubles teams.  Emma Dombrow (11) and Preianna Swenson (12) will be the two singles players that are competing. Besides being a very fun opportunity, after the matches the players and Coaches go out to BDubs to eat wings and have some team bonding time.

2014 Captains Leah Barrett and Sabrina Hang

Besides the individual sections, we also have our final end of the year banquet at Olive Garden in honor of a great season.  At the banquet, varsity letters will be given out to the players, and recognition certificates will be given out to the JV players as well.  We will also give our final thanks to our two great captains this year, Sabrina Hang (11) and Leah Barrett (12).  They had great team spirit and without their leadership the team would not have bonded together as well.

Varsity and JV girls Katherine Jossi, Sydney Linssen, Elisa Machlitt, and Emma Dombrow

Next Year’s Season:  If you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining the tennis team, I would highly recommend it!  There is always room for anyone who wants to play, and it is a very fun sport with lots of friendly teammates.  If you would like to join or have any questions, contact Mr. Shaw or any of the varsity players.  Hopefully we will get some new girls next year!

Varsity Players:

(Coach Shaw)


  1. Ana Savic (10)
  2. Leah Barrett (12)
  3. Sydney Linssen (10)/Emma Dombrow (11)
  4. Preianna Swenson (12)


  1. Katherine Jossi/Sabrina Hang and Katie Tennis(11)
  2. Georgia Angelo and Colleen Welter (10)
  3. Lily Brown and Marah Prpich (11)

JV Players

(Coach Andy)

  • Lily Weisman (12)
  • Elisa Machlitt (11)
  • Sami Linssen (8)
  • Neesha Moore (9)
  • Grace (10)
  • Rachel Van Fleet (7)
  • Natalie (12)
  • Nehali Van Der Leeuw (10)
  • Francis Atmore (7)
  • Lauren (8)
  • Shu Ye (9)
  • Sophie (8)
  • Grace (11)

Questions about the team? Contact Head Coach Michael Shaw: