Meet the new administration: Mr. Sager


Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Sager, who is a new admin at Highland this year and will be in charge of the Freshman and Sophomore classes.

Mr. Sager, who is looking forward to finally working with high school students and discussing their future with them, decided to be an administrator after he was left wanting more responsibility after a few years of being a social studies teacher. He said that he loved teaching and misses it at times, but is very happy to be at HP. He hopes that people learn that he is very approachable and isn’t there just to discipline students.

Sager, who participated in FFA and a multitude of sports in high school wishes he had iPads during that time. He has high hopes for the implementation of technology at HP and believes that it will help students stay organized, just like it has already helped him, and that it will severely cut back on the amount of paper that needs to be constantly being exchanged between students and staff.

Sager also has very strong beliefs that a great member of an administrative team must be consistent, compassionate and operate with honesty, integrity and dependability. He gathers his inspiration from his family and the Livestrong Foundation motto, “Unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything.” He also drives himself to live “everyday with integrity, strength and, most importantly, values.”


Meet the new administration: Dr. Shipp


I sat down for an interview. Dr. Shipp, who has been in the district for 25 years, is a new admin at Highland this year and will be managing the Junior and Senior classes.

Dr. Shipp, is eager to get to know the staff she will be working with and build relationships with students. She decided to be an administrator after discovering her love for working and developing students during her work as a school social worker. She hopes that people learn that she is very shy but hopes to get to know all the students she works with.

Shipp, who played the flute and participated in Student Council in high school is excited about the implementation of iPads this November. She has high hopes for technology at HP and believes that it will help students become true global citizens and put Highland on the same playing field as schools around the world. She also thinks that it will be a “game changer” in individualized instruction.

Dr. Shipp also believes that a great administrator must follow all aspects of the IB learner profile. “Perhaps the greatest aspect is to be a communicator, which means to not only be a good speaker but a superb listener,” said Shipp. She also thinks that broad knowledge and political savvy are important in being able to understand people’s views. She garners inspiration from the following quote from George Washington Carver: “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”. She interprets this quote to mean that without education, a person becomes imprisoned within their own mind.

You can contact Dr. Shipp at:, 651-744-4655