Featured Activity – The Giving Tree (HPGT)

A new club was formed at Highland! The HP Giving Tree (originally named Philanthropy Club) held it’s first meeting in Ms. Menke’s room (2203) Thursday after school. The mission of HP Giving Tree (HPGT) is to give back to the community, here at Highland and elsewhere. The name of the club was inspired by the classic children’s picture book “The Giving Tree”, written by Shel Silverstein.


At today’s meeting, an overview of the club was presented to the group. Through projects and community service, HPGT strives to spread the importance of giving back. A good chunk of time was spent brainstorming different topics as well as everyone introducing themselves and getting to know each other. If you’re interested in learning more about HPGT, talk to Ms. Menke or come to the next HPGT meeting: Thursday October 31st (Halloween candy will be present!) right after school in Room 2203. 

IMG_2549 IMG_2551 IMG_2556 IMG_2563

Varsity Volleyball – Highland (H) vs. SPA (V)

Wednesday night’s Girls Varsity Volleyball game vs. the SPA Spartans was the last game of the season for this year’s Lady Scots. Going into the game, both teams were closely ranked so a suspenseful game was to be expected. Many of the games were close, however the SPA Spartans prevailed in the end, advancing in Sections.


Head Coach of the Varsity Volleyball Team, Coach Kramer, shared her thoughts with us regarding the game and the season as a whole: “We played well as a team last night and stayed positive and continued to work hard point for point.  We walked away with heads held high knowing we had a great season with a record of 17-8.”

As always, the Highland school spirit was incredibly apparent in the stands. Members of the C-Squad and JV Volleyball teams were there to support the players as well as other HPSH students, staff, parents, and community members. Once again, Ethan Aune (10) lead the HPSH Student section in various cheers, keeping the Highland spirit alive and well.

IMG_2466     IMG_2464

Even though Highland didn’t win, everyone couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments of the Highland Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Their dedication and genuine love of the sport was always apparent from a spectators point of view. Congratulations to the Lady Scots Varsity Volleyball team for a fantastic season:

(# – Name, Position, Grade)

3 – Chelsi Her, DS, 12 (Graduating Senior)

6 – Emilia Czapiewska, OH, 10

7 – Allison Kurtz, S, 11

8 – Molly McMahon, OH, 11

9 – Emma Muter, RH, 12 (Graduating Senior)

10 – Edith Kamau, MH, 12 (Graduating Senior)

11 – Lydia Thompson, MH, 12 (Graduating Senior)

12 – Meagan Blair, OH, 10

14 – Annie Conzet, S, 11

19 – Alex Linssen, DS, 10

21 – Maria Nelson, OH, 9

23 – Adriana Cardenas, MH, 11

25 – Justice Voss, MH, 10

26 – Nina Bielinski, DS, 11

51 – Leah Hunt, DS, 11

As always, here’s a few pictures from the game. #ScotsNation always and forever:

Emilia Czapiewska (10)
Emilia Czapiewska (10)IMG_2431IMG_2420